Sohru (baratsubomi) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Hi, I am doing a group order for the alice nine. official store at my journal. If you want to participate, please read over the rules and use the order form. 

Please note that items will be shipped from Japan to me. When they arrive, I will ship out your items to you. I live in the US and it'll be a lot cheaper if you live in the US and save you a lot of money. It might be a little more expensive if you live outside the US but it doesn't I accept international shipping.

The rules are still the same but I've added the shopping's service commission fee. What some people did not understand is the shopping's service commssion fee is based off the total value of the group order and it's going to be split. I do not know what that total value will be until the deadline for this group order. But I figured out how the fans can split it with a little bit of math.
Tags: music: jrock
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