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J-Pop/J-Rock/Visual Kei styling magazines for sale!


SHOXX: Vol.177 (Nov 2007) - Cover: SID
SHOXX: Vol.180 (Feb 2008) - Cover: Ryutarou x Miku x Tatsurou
SHOXX: Vol.188 (Oct 2008) - Cover: Nightmare
SHOXX: Vol.190 (Dec 2008) - Cover: SID

Cure Vol. 53 (Feb 2007) - Front Cover: Sadie // Back Cover: Nega

ARENA37 °C No.309 (June 2008) - Cover: Nightmare

Fool's Mate No.316 (Feb 2008) - Cover: X-Japan reunion

Newsmaker No.226 (Jan 2008) - Cover: SID (Christmas special)

All prices calculated in US dollars. Open to haggling if there is no other interest. Please do be reasonable, though.

PayPal only!

CC-Paypal not accepted for the moment. If you buy many items though, I'm happy to accept it.

I have a Personal account with PayPal, so please be aware if you attempt to give me a card through it without telling me, as PayPal fees will be applied (5% + fee for your country).

Preference for US/Canada buyers, as shipping will get ridiculous overseas due to Canada Post being a joke. However if you're overseas but really do want something, I'm happy to arrange if you're willing to pay. ;)

If you're American and want exact shipping quotes, I need your STATE, not your zipcode.

For Vancouver, BC residents (including GVRD cities), I'm happy to do free delivery at a public meetup spot (e.g. Metrotown, Downtown core) once payment in US funds is confirmed. :)

First person to supply a PayPal e-mail will be invoiced. Haggling, shipping quotes, and more inside picture requests is NOT a sale.

Looking for a specific band in the list? Hit CTRL+F, type in your band/artist, and then hit 'Find Next' to find it in the list.

Questions? Need better ideas of what's inside? Feel free to ask!

Prices DO NOT include S+H and Paypal fees! Please ask for quotes!

SHOXX: Vol.177 (Nov 2007) - $8 US
Cover: SID (16-page special)
Colour Photo Pages: alice nine, An Cafe, Isshi (Kagrra), Kra, LM.C, 12012, D'espairs Ray x Moi dix Mois, Versailles, ayabie, Doremidan, Lolita23-q, SuG, Ruka (Nightmare), D, Phantasmagoria, Vidoll, Viored, Screw, Megamasso, heidi
Notes: Posters not included. Perfect condition otherwise.

Ryutarou x Miku x Tatsurou poster

SHOXX: Vol.180 (Feb 2008) - $9 US
Cover: Ryutarou (Plastic Tree) x Miku (An Cafe) x Tatsurou (MUCC) - Over The Edge '07 special talk session + photoshoot
Colour Photo Pages: The Gazette, Yomi (Nightmare), MUCC, Miya (MUCC), An Cafe, alice nine, Kagrra, Miyavi, LM.C, Kra, Vidoll, Asagi (D), ayabie, Mix Speaker's Inc., Kain, lynch, ~charlotte~, Wizard, Dolly, Girugamesh, Attic (Jun from Phantasmagoria), SuG, Cross Gate 2008 (collab of various dudes inc. Kamijo and Juka), Cellt
Notes: Poster included, but has been neatly detached but never used. Slight damage on front cover, topside mild batter on back top cover.

SHOXX: Vol.188 (Oct 2008) - $7 US
Cover: Nightmare (20-page special)
Colour Photo Pages: MUCC, LM.C, D, Kagrra, Penicillin, Onmyouza, Dolly, 12012, SuG, Zero, Chariots, Dacco, Babylon, DuelJewel, The Underneath, An Cafe, ayabie, Mix Speaker's Inc, Doremidan, Sadie, Screw,
Notes: Lower priced for some corner cover warping from water. No poster this issue.


SHOXX: Vol.190 (Dec 2008) - $8 US
Cover: SID (16-page special)
Colour Photo Pages: ~charlotte~, Lolita 23-q, serial?NumBeR, Rentrer en Soi, Mix Speaker's Inc, Babylon, ScReW, SuG, Ap(r)il, NoGod, Inugami Circus-Dan, Moran, D'espairs Ray, Doremidan, Plastic Tree, lynch, Iro*kui
Notes: Did not originally come with a poster. Perfect condition.


Cure Vol. 53 (Feb 2007) - $9 US
Cover: Sadie (main shoot + English interview) // Nega (main back shoot + English interview)
Colour Photo Pages: Girugamesh, SMILE, attic (Jun from Phantasmagoria), Tinc, Anubis, Mix Speaker's Inc., Inugami Circus Dan, Bergerac, Ruvie, hizaki GRACE project, + lots of other indie bands in one-pagers. STYLE COUNCIL: Mido from Ensoku.
Notes: Perfect condition.

Nightmare poster side 1
Nightmare poster side 2

ARENA37 °C No.309 (June 2008) - $9 US
Cover: Nightmare (20-page special)
Colour Photo Pages: X-Japan Reunion Concert, Tohoshinki, An Cafe, The Gazette, Miyavi, Hiroto (alice nine), Uverworld, Takahashi Naozumi, Masataka Nakagauchi, Kra, ALvino, Showta, Nao (Kagrra), SuG, Dolly, AAA, The Alfie, Hinata, Acid Black Cherry, Merry
Notes: Nightmare poster (super nice) included, Miyavi poster is not.

Fool's Mate No.316 (Feb 2008) - $9 US
Cover: X-Japan (concert special)
Colour Photo Pages: Kazuyuki Matsumoto (I think? From Janne Da Arc), Nightmare, The Gazette, Shou (alice nine), Miyavi, An Cafe, Merry, Over The Edge '07 (incl. MUCC, Mix Speakers Inc., Girugamesh, Plastic Tree, Sadie, heidi), Girugamesh, Mix Speaker's Inc., MACHINE (Hakuei x Kiyoshi), Kain, SuG, Sex-Android, High and Mighty Color, lynch, NEU, Vidoll, Attic (Jun), D'erlanger, Siam Shade, MUCC, Angelo
Notes: Perfect condition.

Back cover

Newsmaker No.226 (Jan 2008) - $8 US
Cover: SID (Christmas special) / ONE OK ROCK (back cover)
Colour Photo Pages: EXILE, Nightmare, Tohoshinki, alice nine, Uverworld, mihimaru GT, the brilliant green, B'z, J, Kawashima Ai, High and Mighty Color, Miyavi, Jyukai, Sambo Master, Sowelu, Maria
Notes: Does not include the stickers it came with. Perfect condition.
Tags: magazines, music: jpop, music: jrock
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