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Set #2 of 3 Harry Potter doujinshi

Edit: This set has now been sold!

Gah! my best friend is getting married in a week, so it's time to sell doujinshi! I'm selling three more doujinshi as a lot. The first is a copybon, from the circle Ao no Yotuha. The other two doujinshi are from the circle "Mocha, Round and Round" -- Gotta love 'em, they make Ron X Hermione LIKEABLE, ::cough::unlikeacertainbookwe'veprobablyallreadbynow,whichjustmakesthemtiresome::cough:: --

The first book is a wonderful, wonderful Harry Potter doujinshi entitled "God Jazz Time." This is a duplicate -- I have another copy -- which is the only reason I'm selling this. The book was published in 2002 and is 20 pages long (this is the first edition); It features the teachers at Hogwarts, although the trio also appear. Professors that appear include Dumbledore, Snape, Lupin, McGonagal, Trelawney (the way this circle draws Trelawney is PRICELESS, someone ought to make an icon of it), Lockhart, and Quirrel. There's even a shot of the best Filch and Mrs. Norris I've ever seen. This is a purely gag book, and is not one to pass up. This book is in pretty much perfect condition.
Pictures Here:

The second book in the set is from a series of original doujinshi from Mocha, Round and Round. The title is "Funny Tale" and this is volume three. Illustrations are the expected beautiful work of MRR. The book is smaller-format, and is around 50 pages long; it was published in 2003. The story is set in a world that seems to be a cross of normal swords & sorcery with a dash of HP influence. This book is in excellent shape, but has soem pink stuff on the back cover -- I have no idea what it is (see pictures).
Pictures Here:

The third book in the lot is a copybon from Ao no Yotuha entitled "Sensei to Inu" ("Teacher and Dog") published in 2002. This is another book I would never sell if it wasn't a duplicate; I have it collected in another book. This 14 page book is all 4-panel gags, and every single one is wonderful. They all focus, of course, on Remus and Sirius, with occasional Harry. The book is in good shape with some minor shelf wear and a crease on the back cover (which isn't surprising because of the super thin blue paper used for the back for some odd reason -- the rest is printed on nice thicker stuff)
Pictures Here:

Price for the lot is $15.00, but I'll also consider reasonable offers.

Shipping will be $3.85 through Priority Mail. Payment must be made through Paypal (NO credit cards please!) or money order :D You can contact me at: ebaker at memphis dot edu or just post a reply here.

Thanks for looking!
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