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Most things under $10!!

Sailor Moon, Death Note, Ranma 1/2, a bunch of figurines, magazines including Cure and and Fool's Mate, Final Fantasy etc. Please take a look, I've provided a lot of fast-loading images for your convenience.

NEW MANGA ADDED (updated 11:40 AM Pacific time, 5/12)

Peach Girl, original arc and Change of Heart arc -18 books
Chobits 1-8
Video Girl Ai 15 books
Ranma 1/2 36 books
Battle Royale 16 books

CLICK HERE FOR IMAGES OF ALL THE ITEMS =)*******************************************************************

I'm selling a bunch of stuff for really cheap. Please let this be a great opportunity for you to get things for a small price! Description of items are in the images on Photobucket in the link above, but also here below with the prices, which are negotiable.

Nothing I have is a bootleg, closest thing I have are the Sailor Moon fansubs below


The Great Yokai War DVD - Japanese live action $12 (seen once, bought new for $20)
MahoRamtic vol 1 and 3 DVD ($2 each or $3 for both)
Sakura Wars movie DVD $2
Adventures of Mini-Goddess The Urd Files / The Skuld Files $4 for both

Sailor Moon S VHS – The Love War! / Birthday Blues / Pure Hearts (uncut and subbed) ($2 each or $5 for all)
Sailor Moon VHS movies – S and R in big clamshell cases ($3 each or $5 for both)
Sailor Moon fansubs in clamshell cases – Sailor Moon S ep 98 – 101 / Star Sep 171-174, 175-178 (free with any order)
Lareine VHS single Grand Pain, comes with single CD $6


Orange Range Remix Album “Squeezed” $7
Lareine Billet / Metamorphose / kanji title single, has song titled “fiancailles” J&L mix $3 each or $7 for all

Books and manga

Kodocha vol 1 English $2
Anime and Game Characters vol. 3 – Bringing Daily Actions to Life $4
How to Draw Manga volume 3 Compiling Application and Practice $4
How to Draw Manga vol. 6 Martial Arts and Combat Sports $4 (or all 3 drawing books for $9)

Peach Girl, original arc and Change of Heart arc -18 books COMPLETE $45 for the set, English
Chobits 1-8 COMPLETE $25 for the set, English
Video Girl Ai 15 books COMPLETE $30 for the set, English
Ranma 1/2 36 books COMPLETE - offers for the set?, English
Battle Royale 16 books COMPLETE - $50 for the set, English

Death Note with L slipcover $4
Chobits – ALL ABOUT CHOBITS – in depth information of the CHOBITS anime, tons of storyboards, even has a cute Chii paper doll still intact in the page, Japanese $8

Cardcaptor Sakura – Art book vol. 3, by TokyoPop, in English, lots of colorful pictures $5
FRUITS vol. 1 $8

Sailor Moon color book $2
Miracle Girls slim comics issues 1-8 $3 for all
Sailor Moon slim comics issues 10-20 22, 23, 28, 31-33 (13 and 14 have 2 copies each) $1 each

Yaoi – Doest thou Know? / Il gatto sul graphic novels $4 each (originally $13 each)


Fool’s Mate, January 2003 (Sophia on cover)
(hyde, BUCK TICK. Gackt, X JAPAN, GLAY, LUNDA SEA, Malice Mizer (has some snipped), SIAM SHADE, cali gari, wyse Laputa, JILS, NEW SODMY, Psycho le Cemu, J*Jenius, dibs, LOW IQ 01, BACK DROP BOMB, HUSKING BEE, REACH, KEMURI, POTSHOT, UNDOWN, PULLING TEETH, Kagrra, BLAST, BRAIN DRIVE, Shocking Lemon … and many more so it says) $5

Cure 4.26.2004 vol 008 Shulla on cover
The Dead Pop Stars, DEVilKITTY, Kisaki Project, CHUCKY, NUDE, Fatima, Z e nit Music Factory, Clover, Clavier, Under, bishop, SugarTrip, Mudgett, CalorZe, ARESZ (has loose Psycho le Cemu page in it) $5

La vie en rose – EGL mag, vol. 1, August / September 2007 – actually not a bad read. Filled with interesting articles and stories and photoshoots relating to non-Japanese EGL lifestyle. $1
Pile of video game mags $1 for all


Phoenix Wright #2 – Justice For All DS game $10
SOCOM Confrontation for PS3 with headset, new $20
Little Big Planet PS3, new $15


Chansy Pokemon Burger King toy without Pokeball (free with order)
FRUITS Barbie doll $3
Mulan doll (lilac sash not in picture, shoes are a lost cause) $2
Link figure $2
Marie Antionette bust statue $2

Armitage III figure (no gun but the shades still intact) $3
Random cute girl doing some magical attack with a bra-shaped head $2
Dollzone high heel feet white skin, female $10
dollfie eyes, brown full $5/green grey half eyes $2. Don’t know the specifics, they were for a Dollzone doll

Kill Bill bear keychain from Spencer’s $2
Slime thingies from Dragon Quest, both are keychains. $1 each
Pacman toy with ball thingies inside, sticker, pixilated keychain $1 for all
Mario Kart DS stylus, some wear and tear $3

Soul Calibur figure of Chai Xianghu $1
Sailor Uranus watch, pretty sure it works still, just has a dead battery in it $4
Sailor Uranus Irwin figurine $2
Luna/Artemis figurines $2 for both SOLD
Chun Li chibi figurine $1
One Piece keychain of some crossdresser guy $1
Photo of my fourth grade teacher $1 million dollars

Tenchi figures, Ayeka, Washuu, what’s his face. Ayeka’s green base is in another castle. $3 for all
Bumpy Trot whistle keychain, E3 promo - free with order
Sailor ChibiMoon candles AKA ChibiMoon prism stickers on glass jars (the wax in them suck and the wicks have been lost within them years ago. I recommend cleaning out the wax and using the glass jars for a better cause) $3 for both

Final Fantasy – Squall, Selfie, Zell (I’m pretty sure I still have Squall’s sword... yeah NM I found it) $3 each or $7 for all

Drakstalkers BB Hood (little red riding hood) with uzi, basket and doggie $3
Ryo-Ohki $2

Etc. (And I do mean etc.)

Sailor Moon metal pencil case $1
Sailor Moon stickers – American, still sealed, 4 sheets $1
DeathNote shitajiki $4 SOLD
Katamari Damaci mousepad $3
Purple Chinese blouse wine bottle cover $1
Sailor Moon pink purse $5

VIZ-IN posters (from waaaay back in the day) 2 different Inu-Yasha, Tenchi, Black Jack, Evangelion, Video Girl Ai, DBZ, Fushigi Yuugi, Street Fighter II the movie (part of bottom left corner snipped), Patlabor
$1 for all

Asian fan (high quality) $1
Nintendo red hoodie 2XL $10

MAKE OFFERS section (I can provide images)

Final Fantasy VIII figure set – Shiva, Ifrit, Siren, (all with bases) and Cerberus
Cactuar, Tonberry, Carbuncle, Moogle, orange spikyguy, 2 dogs
Squall with sword and base, Rinoa with arm weapon and base, Irvine with gun and base, Seifer with sword, Laguna with gun and base, Quistis with whip and base, Selphie with nunchuks and base, Zell with uselessness and base.
There are no pieces missing, there are no cracks, no stains, no broken off pieces.

Death Note Light ball jointed doll, bought $100 new, out of the box now but hardly played with

Ranma 1/2 complete manga set in English

Ranma 1/2 complete anime set (7 seasons) in English/Japanese

Sailor Moon English manga vol. 10

really good offers...

Sailor Moon American DVDs.
Season 1
Season 2 (missing shelf box that the clamshell boxes go into)
Sailor Moon S slim case
Sailor Moon SuperS slim case
Movie boxset (Signature series)

Please send offers for the Sailor Moon DVDs to me in private at Leon_Knights at hotmail dot com

I don't have a lot of feedback on Garagesalejapan, but I've been a user for at least 5 years (mostly a buyer).
GSJ: http://community.livejournal.com/garagesalejapan/519955.html?thread=5746963#t5746963
eBay: http://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback2&userid=blam_honey&ftab=AllFeedback&myworld=true

All prices here do not include shipping, which can be combined of course.
I accept concealed cash and Paypal (but please send extra to cover fees). For larger orders, Paypal or money orders are best for safety reasons.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

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