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Spring (almost summer) Sale...


I'm looking to get rid of some stuff i don't want anymore. I prefer to do trades, so take a look at my wishlist. If you think you have something i may like, please leave me a comment as well.

All items are in perfect condition just read once or never read, it depends. They all come from a free smoke home but i have a little cat.

If you want more information, pictures or have any questions leave a message or mp me.

All mangas are 4$ shipped in Europe and 6$ shipped internationally. If you buy more than 50$ i will give you a free gift.

Red River: 18, 21+
Walkin' Buterfly: ALL
Devil Does Exist: 6+
Kilala Princess: 2+
After School Nightmare: 4+
Me & My Brothers: 6+
Kedamono Damono : 2, 3
Tramps Like Us: 14
Mars: 4+
Tokyo Boys & Girls: 3
Tenshi Ja Nai!!: 3,4,6,7,8
Flowers & Bees: 7
Happy Mania: 6
Shugo Chara: ALL
Love Master: 1
Sugar Princess: 2
BODY: 4+
Orange Planet: 1+
Papillon: 3+
A,A Prime (Moto Hagio) <- MOST WANTED MANGA
Andromeda Stories: ALL
Real Love
Voices of Love
Rurouni Kenshin Profiles
The Rurouni Kenshin Companion:The Unoffical Guide (Mysteries & Secrets)
Cipher: ALL
From Eroica With Love: ALL
The Wallflower: ALL
Maid-Sama!: 1+
Love Attack!: 6+
Make Love & Peace
Kaze Hikaru: ALL

French manga:
Please, Save My Earth 4 to 12

Japanese manga:
M to N no Shouzou 1
Boku Wa Imouto ni Koi Wo Suru ~Remix~ (at least three mangas for this) *only for trade*
Maison de Beauties 2
Kin'iro no Corda 1
Sugar Sugar Rune 1
Hot Gimmick - 1~8
Kodomo no Omocha (complete)
Georgie (bunko complete)
Confidential Confessions (complete)
Confidential Confessions -Deai- (complete)
Tensui (complete kanzenban)
Vampire Knight 1~5
Kekkaishi 1~4
Ouran Host Club 1~5
HxH Drops 1~2

English manga:
Fall In Love Like a Comic (complete)
King of the Lamp
Heaven's Will
Crossroad (complete)
Diabolo - 1~3 (complete)
Captive Hearts - 1~3
High School Debut - 1~8
Beauty is The Best - 1~4
Wanted (Matsuri Hino)
Yurara (complete)
Vidia & The Fairy Crown
Life 1
Sugar Sugar Rune 1
Jim Henson's Return to Labyrinth 1

Corean manga:
The Sad Love Story (complete, wrapped) - 10$ shipped each

Rurouni Kenshin Kessaku-Gashu -20$-
Neon Genesis Evangelion Artbook Photofile 2: ADAM -15$-
Neon Genesis Evangelion Artbook Photofile: EVE -15$-
Ranma 1/2 -20$-
Evolution by Luis Royo (spanish/paperback)-10$-
III Millenium by Luis Royo (spanish/paperback) -10$-

I have more things (furoku, cds, dvds, more manga, magazines) here
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