taka (syoumilk) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Selling tons of stuff!

I am selling various things, such as clothing, games, and jrock items! Please, come take a look and help a poor student out!

I am just wanting to get rid of some clutter in my room! Most items have not been used, and the cost does NOT include shipping. I prefer paypal, but if you choose another form of payment please know I am not liable if it anything happens to the money. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment or send me an e-mail at: syoumilk@yahoo.com

Vivienne Weswood t-shirt.
size small, I assume. The tag does not say any size.
I've only worn this shirt probably 3 times, so its in perfect condition!
$35 + shipping

Zebra print vest blue.
size small.
never worn.
$10 + shipping


Zebra print vest white.
This item is the same as above, but it is white and is one size bigger.
size medium.
never worn.
$10 + shipping

Pikachu tank top.
size medium.
A bit worn in, but still looks excellent. The paint is cracking.
$12 + shipping  

Choco cat t-shirt.
size medium.
never worn.
$12 + shipping


1 - Hello Kitty face masks. I have NONE! 
2 - White shutter shades. $6 + shipping
3 - Black shutter shades.  $6 + shipping SOLD!
I only bought the shades because of Shou, but I never actually wore them!

1 - Game boy color. Still works, in perfect condition! Please make an offer on this.
2 - Hello Kitty computer game. $15 + shipping
3 - Game boy color game: Wario Land 3 $15 + shipping
4 - Game boy color game: Tom&Jerry $15 + shipping
5 - Game boy color game: Tamagatchi $15 + shipping
6 - Nintendo DS game: Fullmetal Alchemist: Dual Sympathy. never played. $20

In the End yaoi manga.
$10 + shipping

Japanese umbrella.
Make an offer.

1 - Ruki. $3 + shipping
2 - Uruha. $3 + shipping SOLD!
3 - Uruha. $3 + shipping
4 - Aoi. $3 + shipping
5 - Kai. $3 + shipping SOLD!
6 - alice nine. stickers. $5 + shipping

I am also considering selling Garish Room 5 and 6. If you're interested, please make an offer.

Payment form

e-mail I can contact you at:
Form of payment (  If paypal, leave e-mail. ):

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