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FS: Manga, DVD's, Hello Kitty necklace, and more!

I have a bunch of stuff for sale for cheap, please look under the cut for more! There are Manga, DVD's, cards, from series like Card Captors, Sailor Moon, Final Fantasy and more!

Hello Kitty necklace-

Additional photos: (1)

Hardly worn. Got it as a present.. It's 16 inches long and like new. $5.00

Hello Kitty Eraser food, good for MSD ball jointed dolls. $1.00 each

Petshop of Horrors Ep 1-4 $5
Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within $5
Final Fantasy: Unlimited disks 1 and 2 $5.00 or $7.50 for both
*Bonus!* Buy Final Fantasy: Unlimited Disk 1-2 and Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within together for $10.00!

The Wallflower 1-2 $5.00 each ot $7.50 for both
Di Gi Charat: Piyoko is Number one! $4.00
Desire (YOU MUST BE 18 TO PURCHASE--mods please message me if it not allowed and I will edit the picture/post- I looked all over the rules and found nothing on selling Parental Advisory items.) $6.00

Payment and shipping info:

I accpet paypal blance payments only (which include bank transfers and e-checks).

Shipping will depend on how much your buying and what of. Cards will ship for $2.00 While DVD's and Books will ship for $3.50 each and an additional $1.00 for each extra book/dvd.


I will consider trades. My condition is that you send your loot first. I have plenty of feedback located on the first post of my journal.

 Sold items:

Additional photos: (1)

Card Captors chapter comics (See additional photo to see which #'s they are) Asking SOLD

Additional Photos: (1) (2) (3)

Card captor cards (See additional photos for close up.) Like new. SOLD

Additional photos: (1) (2

Anime card captor cards, see additional photos for closeups, some are holograms. Like new. SOLD

Additional photos: (1) (2)

Sailor moon cards and stickers, see additional pics for closeups. The bottom five are the stickers. Like new condition SOLD

Tags: anime, collectibles, manga: english
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