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SALE! Tohoshinki "Stand by U", Junior (May 09) + TRADE! for JaeJoong cards (Survivor & Secret Code)


hi, i have instock ONE LAST COPY of the latest Junior mag (May 09 issue) together with rolled-up posters, selling for only S$20! i've also got ONE preorder for Tohoshinki's latest 28th Japanese single "Stand by U" up for grab!

Only for sale within Singapore.

( Follow fake cut for more details. )


i'm also posting here to trade with OR buy from anyone who has Joongie cards from Survivor & Secret Code.
here are the cards i have:

Secret Code album
Jap press - Junsu
Kor press - Junsu
Survivor single
Jap press - Yunho
Kor press - Junsu
Share the World single
Jap press - Junsu

argh..seems like i have an affinity with Junsu.....! haha!
i also have cards for the other members from other singles which are also up for trading (as long as you have JaeJoong from Survivor or Secret Code):

Junsu - Miss You/"O"-Jung.Ban.Hup *RARE*, Summer Dream, Doushite kimi wo suki ni natte shimattandarou? (Jap press)
Yunho - Purple Line, Mirotic (Jap press)
Changmin - Choosey Lover, Lovin' You, Forever Love, Together (Jap press)
Yoochun - Choosey Lover, Step By Step, Purple Line (Jap press), Miss You/"O"-Jung.Ban.Hup (Kor press)

some useful pointers for trading:
a, Singaporeans prefer; but Overseas traders are also more than welcome
b, by meetup (Singaporean) or by post (Singaporean/Overseas)
c, traders each pay their own postage
d, traders have the responsibility to ensure proper handling of mail (hardcover or bubble-wrapping)

pls email me at thanks!^^
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