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WTS cute stuff from the japanese brand SWIMMER and some handmade stuff ..

I have some items from a swimmer lucky pack I have no need for, so I'm trying to sell them to people who might want them ^^ If you got something to trade for this, I'm very interested too!
all items are from the cute Japanese Swimmer store and brand new and most still have the tag

strawberry mouspad $7,50
Mini-fan. Open up the lid for a cooling breeze. AAA-batteries not included. $7

a huge name tag for bags? @__@ 17cm $6

jewelry box thing? $7
mini beauty case with mirror? I dunno $7
Flats for swimming pool or going to the beach. I guess it's size EU36. $15
Red gloves with ribbon and fake fur. Water-resistant type of fabric. $7

a very cute Teddy pouch/make up bag $7

a small blue shopping bag with kitties $9

tape holder $5

6 giftbags $7

Amigurumi, crocheted cute stuff, custom colors available for commission!

cupcake, 7cmx7,5cm, €7,50 shipped anywhere in the world

Mini cake, 5cmx5,5cm, €6 shipped anywhere in the world

Duck and creepy bunny XD
duck: ~8cmx8cm, this will come with keychain only, €8,50 shipped anywhere in the world
creepy bunny: 4,5cmx10cm, will come with keychain only, €5 shipped anywhere in the world

Left is the cellphone straps for the smaller creations, these are already included in the price. If you prefer bag-hanger/key-chain (left), it'll be another €0.25 extra because of material and weight.

. If you don't like the prices, make an offer but be reasonable. If multiple people want something from the swimmer stuff, then I'll let it go to the highest bidder ^^
Payments by Paypal only. Non-cc paypal preferred. Items located in the Netherlands. Ask if there are questions or if you'd like to see better pics.

Thanks for looking! ^^
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