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Shitajiki and furoku lots for sale!!

Hello everyone I'm new here ^O^ I have a lot of stuff I need to sell.
All the furoku are sold in lots ( cheap prices!) and the shitajiki are pictured in lot, but each have a price.


I need to sell stuff to raise funds and make space, but I may be interested in trade only if you have something in my want list:

SD and MSD related stuff ( wigs, clothes, shoes)
Furoku and zen in ( I miss some stuff from Ai Yazawa, Fumiko Tanikawa, Yui Ayumi, Beauty pop most recent furoku from Ciao magazine and old shoujo manga stuff)
Manga (Ai Yazawa, Yui Ayumi, some other shoujo) [Trade only manga x manga ]
Gothic Lolita ( especially magazines and fashion magazine)

I'm from Europe, I can accept paypal payment ( only funds, not cc).
Email me at


*UPDATE* some prices reduced, some items sold out **I'm sorting through my color pages collection, I have many from Ribon, Nakayoshi, Ciao, Betsucomi, Margaret, Margaret Betsuma, Hana to Yume and Cookie. I will post picture soon in another post.**


6$ each, CCSakura 12$[SOLD] and the one with the blonde child with crown 12$
First 3 on the first row 12$ each, other 6$ each
6$ each, mini shitajiki 4$ each, Minky Momo 15$, Oshiete no Nanoka ( furoku ) 12$
6$ each, Berubara 25$
SET 5 Ciao furoku shitajiki 1$ each,
SET 1  Saboten + 1 platic bag+ 1 little notebook+ 1 clear bookcover 5$
SET 2 Lollipop 3$
SET 3 Let's get married 3$
SET 4 S.Dragon girl and others 3$
SET 5 Love Wan and others 3$
SET 6 Delicious 4$ ( 3 set available)
SET 7 Mangaka from Ribon 3$
SET 8 Gals and others 2 euro
SET 10 Ayumi Shiina 4$
SET 11 Pitchi     4$
SET 12 Wataru Yoshizumi 3$
SET 13 Max Lovely 3$
SET 14 Morning Musume 3$
SET 15 Mirumo de pon 3$
SET 16 Zen in Ciao  3$
SET 17 Akachan to boku and other 3$
SET 18 Various letter set 5$ [SOLD]
SET 19 Various 4$
SET 20 various big lot 6$
SET 21 Saint Tail 6$
SET 22 Sailor Moon e Rayearth 6$ [SOLD]
SET 23 Various from Ribon e Nakayoshi 5$
SET 24 Shueshia puzzle 1$
SET 25 Ojamajo Doremi photo album 5$

SET 27 Majocco Club original OAV mint, sealed! 50$
SET 28 Manga ( on the left 4$, on the right 2 vol 8$, in the middle vol 1 and 2 available 4$ each, not pictured Waki Yamato, Asaki Yumemishi vol 1 4$)
SET 30 Various Ciao furoku  5$
I have also zillion of color pages from Shoujo magazine as Ribon, Ciao, Nakayoshi and other.. so if you are looking for something please ask and I will see if I have it. Each color page is 1$


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