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Jrock Stuff For Sale! CDs, Magazines, Goods - Autographed Camino CDs!!!

Stuff: CDs [BLOOD, Camino], DVDs [Nightmare], Magazines [Shoxx, Zy], Band Merchandise [L'Arc~en~Ciel].

NOTE: Previously purchased items are shipping tomorrow! Sorry for the slight delay. School and work = not much time this week. D:


Camino - arise

Purchased and autographed at A-kon 15 in 2004. Autographs are on the back insert, so they have not been touched since then. Great condition. CD only listened to a couple times. 7 tracks. Autographs are from Jun, Rehit, Taka, Kiku, and Ryosuke.

$15 + $3 shipping


Camino - IC brain

Purchased and autographed at A-kon 15 in 2004. Autographs are on the back insert, so they have not been touched since then. Great condition. CD only listened to a couple times. 11 tracks. Autographs are from Jun, Rehit, Taka, Kiku, and Ryosuke.

$18 + $3 shipping



Opened, but never listened to. Great condition. 2 tracks. Limited to 500.

$3 + $3 shipping



Great condition aside from a bit of shelf wear on the case. 7 tracks. Limited to 300.

$6 + $3 shipping



This is the first edition, released in February 2007. This edition sold out through preorder alone. Great condition, minor shelf wear. 3 Tracks.

$3 + $3 shipping



Great condition, minor shelf wear. 7 tracks.

$6 + $3 shipping



Great condition. Minor shelf wear. 6 tracks.

$6 + $3 shipping

DVDs / Videos

Nightmare - Vision of the WORLD RULER w/postcard set

Watched twice. Excellent condition. Includes set of 5 postcards.

$27 including shipping in the USA and Canada / $32 including shipping elsewhere


Zy 17 August 2004 - Hakuei cover

NO POSTER. Clear film stuff on the cover is peeling up a bit on the edge. Otherwise, condition is great! CD-ROM extra included.

$5 + $7 shipping


Shoxx Vol.170 April 2007 - Nightmare cover

Great condition. I no longer have the poster it came with.

$5 + $7 shipping


Shoxx Vol.176 October 2007 - Nightmare cover

Not longer have the poster that went with this, but still in great condition aside from a tiny ding around the middle of the spine, barely noticeable.

$5 + $7 shipping


Zy 23 July/August 2005 - Ryutarou cover

NO POSTER. Great condition. CD-ROM extra included.

$5 + $7 shipping



HYDE - laminated

This was bought for my sister by a friend at a convention. It's laminated and has been pinned to the wall, only through the excess lamination, not through the image itself. I have no idea what shop it was bought from or where it came from or anything like that.

$4 + $3 shipping


Other merchandise: photo sets / stickers / etc

L'Arc~en~Ciel Goodies! Would prefer to sell as a lot.

These are all OFFICIAL L'Arc~en~Ciel items (DangerCrue 1998). This set consists of 3 key chains (2 are identical except that one is still in plastic while the other isn't), 1 mirror-dangly-fastener-thingy (one side is a picture, the other is a mirror), 2 small, empty photo albums, and 1 badge. All items are unused and in great condition!

$10 shipped within the USA and Canada / $12 shipped elsewhere


Anime/Cute stuffs

Cute decora-style bear bag

Adorable little bear bag in pink and white. I bought this a few years ago from another seller on garagesalejapan. The zipper is located on top of the head and there's just enough room to hold your ID, some cash, or any small necessities you want to carry around. There is also a zipper on the back of the body, but the pocket is very small...maybe for a bit of change or a piece of candy XD The "strap" is long enough to wear across your body or over your shoulder. The white parts are a little dingy, but this is just from normal use and I don't want to chance messing it up by washing it.

$2 + $3 shipping


***Shipping prices are within the USA & Canada, please inquire about international shipping before agreeing to buy anything.***

Payment: PAYPAL ONLY. No echecks. Required within 2 days. Please include a note stating what items you are paying for when you send your payments!!!

Payment Note: Even though it's in the Payment info above, I would like to reiterate that I absolutely will not accept eChecks because they take too long to clear. I've had too many people agree to pay with PayPal then send eChecks, which shows that they didn't read this. If you send payment via an eCheck, I will contact you and request payment from PayPal funds or Credit Card. Then I will return your eCheck after it clears. In the event that you refuse this option, I will refuse to sell to you. So please save us both the trouble and make sure you're not sending me an eCheck, okay? I hate to be this way, but I've had this happen too many times.

Holds: I WILL NOT hold any items.

Trades: I can not accept trades at this time.

Insurance: Insurance, Delivery Confirmation, and other additional services cost extra. If you want to purchase additional services, you MUST let me know in advance so that I can provide an appropriate total. Otherwise your items will go out via standard mail. *I will not take responsibility for lost or damaged items if insurance is not purchased.* By reading this, you are agreeing to these terms. Additionally, insurance is not available on items mailed Internationally unless you want to pay extra for Priority or Express shipping. It is completely up to you. ^^ Base cost in these cases will be at least $18-$20.


Thanks for looking and feel free to ask any questions you may have!

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