Rising Phoenix (mystik_aurora) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Rising Phoenix

New here! Hello and here's my ebay sale


Hello everybody!

I'm auctioning my Loki-Ragnarok promo shitajiki, aka pencil board, a 7 x 10 inch of PVC-like plastic that tends to have high-resolution, high quality images on both sides and make a great anime collectible!

This one is very special to me- it's a promo you could only get if you ordered (or imported like me) the original Japanese magazine for that month. Currently there are no non-ebay stores that sell this board.

So please, check it out- if you know someone who loves Matantei Loki-Ragnarok things, certainly let them know about this one! Thank you for your time and enjoy your holiday! ^_^
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