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Death Note Jun Planning statues, doujinshi $2 - $7

Click for more information and pictures :)

-Death Note doujinshi and anthologies-

-JUN planning Death Note statues - Light and L-

I have nowhere to keep these statues and I do find them too beautiful to be kept away in some closet,
so I'm hoping they can find a better home :)
They're very nice statues; Highly detailed and made using different materials for clothes and body.
Haven't seen many of them around, so I don't think they're too easy to find these days.

Both are in mint condition and comes in original box, like new :) (See here)

I'm selling them for $40 each, including shipping from Sweden. Both for $70.

Height: 28cm (approx. 11 inches)
Shipping weight approx. 4 pounds
Click for bigger picture.

Height: 22cm (approx. 8.7 inches)
Shipping weight approx. 5 pounds.
Click for bigger picture.

Tags: doujinshi, manga: english, toys
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