Aw Cuties Shop! (aw_cuties) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Aw Cuties Shop!

New update!

aw_cuties shop!

Added a whole bunch of things on 5/14/2009! From Sanrio to San-x, to Crux to Kamio, be sure to check them all out! 
I accept paypal, money order and cash!
I accept tradesss! Right now I am looking for a person to help design a custom plush for me! 
And also I like Mamegoma things and anything San-x. :) mainly looking for San-x sticker sacks right now! 
You can haggle if you wish but don't low ball! ^^

Here are some sneak pics...

Sanrio stuff! ^____^:

San-x and other kawaii goodies ^_____^:

And pooploads moreee!!! :D:D:D COMECOME SEE.

Tags: anime
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