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jrock + korean music magazines

selling some magazines

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SHOXX March issue $18
Kagrra, 20pgs plus poster.
Some fea. bands - Plastic Tree, PLC, Nightmare, Miyavi, Moi dix Mois, Fatima, Shulla, Kra, Lareine, Phantasmagoria, deadman, Rentrer en Soi, MASK, 12012, Duel Jewel

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Cure February issue $18
Phantasmagoria, 28 pgs plus poster.
Some fea. bands - Alice Nine, D, Antifeminism, Duel Jewel,Rentrer en Soi, MASK, Bang-Doll, Sugar Trip, CalorZe, Ghost

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Arena 37c vol 20 $18
Miyavi, 33 pgs plus poster.
Some fea. bands - DBSG, ORANGE RANGE, Gackt, GLAY, w-inds, BoA, Charcoal Filter, TRAX, zboned zubon

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UV Vol 111 $18
Pierrot, 16 pgs, plus poster
Some fea. bands - Ziggy, ORANGE RANGE, Gackt, BUCK-TICK, TRAX, Kagrra, FLOW

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Asian Pops $15 (Japanese)
Plus bonus 14 page promo photobook of DBSK.
fea. DBSK, RAIN, Kumi Koda, Shinhwa Jewelry, Zero, Wheesung, May, Bangkaew, TRAX, Tom Yam, Biuret, Lena Park, SoRi, bebe
Around 5 pages of DBSK with profiles and discongraphy.

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Junior December issue - $15</a> (Korean)
feat. god, JNC, K-POP, GUMMY, bebe, Lyn, Jerry Yan, TRAX, DBSK
5 promo posters (double-sided, 7 DBSK posters in all 15x22)
Around 18+ pages of pictures of DBSK, with personal interviews of each member.
2 fold out sheets of all 5 different members.

email: yukisas@gmail.com
Accept paypal, money orders.
Shipping is free if you order more than one magazine.
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