heroes come back!! (nania_shakri) wrote in garagesalejapan,
heroes come back!!

Manga in English

I'm selling some of my manga to help pay bills, etc. Each one will be $4 and has probably only been read once, if at all. I could probably bring them down to $3 or lower if you buy enough.

I accept just Paypal usually, and I'll determine the shipping cost after you tell me what you want.

The picture isn't too recent, about a year old, but I think most of the one's I'm selling are included in it.

I'm selling:

Air Gear volumes 1-2
Basara volume 1
Bleach volumes 1-20
Claymore volumes 1-3
Eureka Seven volumes 1-5
GinTama volumes 1-5
Gravitation volumes 1-10
Kingdom Hearts volumes 1-2
Love Hina volumes 1 and 2
Naruto volumes 1-18
Prince of Tennis volumes 1-17
Ral Grad volume 1
Reborn! volumes 1-5
Red River volumes 1-4
Tokyo Mew Mew volumes 5-7
Tsubasa volume 1
Zatch Bell volumes 1-10
Zombie Powder volumes 1-4

If you see any others in the picture and you want to make an offer on them, that's alright too.

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