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Searching... for things to buy/trade

These are the DVD's and Manga I’m looking for, and the price I'm willing to pay (negotiable).

DVD's (R1)
Haibane Renmei Volumes 2-4 $12 Ea. (I can pay more if they have the pencil boards.)
Galaxy Angel Volumes 2-4 $10 Ea.
.hack//Sign Volume 6 (The special 2-disc version) $12
Excel Saga Collection $40
Tenchi Muyo OVA box or single volumes $40/$8 Ea.
MANGA (English)
Blade of the Immortal: $7 Ea. Heart of Darkness (v.7), Secrets (v.10), Mirror of the Soul (v.13)
Shadow Star: $7 Ea. Star Flight (v.1), What can I do for You Now? (v.6)
Any manga by Osamu Tezuka (excluding Astro Boy)

Again, I'm very flexible about price. I also have the following things up for trade:

Wolf's Rain v.1 w/Box and OST
Texhnolyze v. 1&2
Digimon Movie DVD
Samurai Champloo V.1&2
Inu Yasha Special Edition
Range Murata trading figure (In sealed wrapper)
FMA Riza Hawkeye trading figure
FMA Edward Elric trading figure (both still in the wrapper)

My Email is
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