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20 May 2009 @ 10:09 pm
Anime/manga/magazines is all cheap and affordable in my journal. :]

Omigawd. I want these so bad. So if anybody has them I'll be willing to trade or depends on the price will pay for the item. If you have the doujinshis' it's got to be explicit and have real good art. All video games must be in complete and excellent condition. Thanks! ♥

My Wishlist peoplz. :]

* Dynasty Warriors yaoi doujinshi: Cao Cao x Xiahou Dun or Zhang Liao x Xiahou Dun

* Final Fantasy VII yaoi doujinshi: Reeve Tuesti (Uke) x Reno, Rufus, or Tseng

Is anybody selling a Kingdom Hearts II T-shirt that Hot Topic is selling? It's a black slim fit shirt with a large KHII picture on it, more precisely, the same image on the KHII cover. I don't want to pay $21.00 for it, although I really want it badly. D:

My size is adult MEDIUM. I rather prefer the shirt to be brand new.

If anybody does have it, please reply to me! Thank you. :]