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Getting rid of all my anime/manga items!

Since my interest in anime/manga has practically died, I decided I need to get rid of most of my items.

Revolutionary Girl Utena VHS Box Set
Price: $20 - Japanese Dialogue, English Subtitles (Episodes 1-13) [Mint Condition]

Sailor Moon: The Movie VHS Trilogy Box Set
Price: $15 - Dubbed [Mint Condition]

Sailor Moon: Mysterious Tuxedo Mask (VHS) - Vol.4
Sailor Moon: Sailor Mars Joins The Battle (VHS) - Vol.3
Sailor Moon: The Power of Friendship (VHS) - Vol.2
Sailor Moon: Love Conquers All (VHS) - Vol.20

Price: $5 each - Dubbed [Mint Condition]

Love Hina: Spring Movie
Price: $15 - Dual Language (DVD) [Excellent Condition]

Sailor Moon Super S Pegasus Collection VII (Special Uncut)
Price: $15 - Dual Language (DVD) [Excellent Condition]

Magic Knight Rayearth: Sunrise (Vol. 2)
Price:$15 - Dual Language (DVD, Episodes 5-8) [Excellent Condition]

Super Gals - Gals Gotta Have Heart (Vol. 1)
Price: $10 - Dual Language (DVD) [Excellent Condition]

Peach Girl - Vol. 1-2
Price: $10 [Mint Condition]

Sailor Moon - Vol. 1-9
Price: $40 [Mint Condition]

Card Captor Sakura - Vol. 1
Price: $5 [Mint Condition]

Boys Over Flowers - Vol. 1
Price: $7 [Excellent Condition]

More Starlight To Your Heart - Vol. 1
Price: $5 [Excellent Condition]

Gravitation - Vol. 1-2
Price: $12 [Excellent Condition]

Angel Sanctuary - Vol. 1
Price: $7 [Excellent Condition]

FAKE - Vol. 6-7
Price: $12 [Excellent Condition]

Lament of the Lamb - Vol. 1
Price: $5 [Excellent Condition]

I accept payment through Paypal and will ship throughout the United States only. Prices do not include shipping. I will ship items 1-2 days after recieving payment. As you can see, I'd prefer to sell manga as a set rather than by itself. If you only want a certain volume, let me know and I'll consider it.
Tags: anime, manga: english, movies
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