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DS: Jrock singles, accessories, clothing and more!!

1. I am located at Vancouver, Canada.
2. All prices are in USD and includes shipping fee to Canada or USA. Please ask about internation shipping fee
3. More pictures upon request!
4. I ONLY accept Paypal!
5. Please leave your email address, your country, and the item(s) you want! :D
Email me at sw1068@hotmail.com if you have any questions!

Jrock items

the GazettE- LEECH single (optical impression) : $20 shipped

i opened the plastic wrapping but i never even played the discs! it is in mint condition

D=OUT- Myojou Orion single (w/ DVD, Type A which includes PV)- $20 shipped SOLD

again, i opened the plastic wrapping but i never played the CD and DVD inside X.X

Girugamesh- handkerchief- $10 shipped

it is still in the original package, i have never opened it

Gazerock Is Not Dead UNOFFICIAL shirt (small)
: $20 shipped-ON HOLD- 

- i opened it from the package but i have never worn it, hence it is still new


Juicy Couture Bass Necklace: $45 shipped

- worn once only. is still in mint condition!

Simply ZN Liberty necklace: $20 shipped

it is in a shape of a bird and the word "liberty" is carved onto the front in really small font

Dragonfly necklace: $25 shipped

-worn once only for grad XD

Crown Necklace: $25 shipped

Cross Necklace: $18 shipped

Ring Necklace: $20 shipped

Lock and Key Necklace: $18 shipped SOLD

Shells Bracelet: $15 shipped


Outfit from PER ME (blazer and tank top): $40 shipped

- worn once only! still in good condition :D

Checkered shirt: $22 shipped

- worn once only as well

Other Items

Belt: $15 shipped

White Beanie: $12 shipped

Studded Hat: $18 shipped

Red Shawl/ Neck Cover: $15 shipped

Tags: music: jrock
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