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Mega Swimmer blow-out sale ^___^

Mega-SWIMMER-blowout sale! :D

I'm selling off a lot of my Swimmer stuff, and in most cases, there is only one of each, so get them before they're gone! ^^
All of them are very rare and discontinued items, so don't miss this chance to grab a bargain ^^!

Swimmer Boots, never worn!
They were a huge hit and the white boots were said to be the most popular color :D
Brand new, never worn, still with tags :D -- I only have one of each colour, so don't miss your chance! ^__^
Add some extra cuteness to your outfits with these! ^^

Available in White, Pink and Black! :D

Size Japanese M (23.0-23.5cm)
For a shoe size convertor, please see here ^^


Price I'm asking is $75 which includes regular airmail shipping shipping - if you'd like registered, it will be extra :)
This is a cheaper price than what I paid for with customs and shopping service fees, but I got sent the wrong size so I'm looking to find new homes for them TT___TT;;

If you buy a pair of boots with any other item, you get $5 off!! ^^

SWIMMER bunny earmuffs - $28 + shipping per pair ^^!

They each have little crowns and cute jewel-like eyes :)

Each brand new with tags :)!

White - 1 available

Pink - 1 available

Swimmer Bunny Scarves (that match with the earmuffs)

$35 + shipping each!

Pink - 1 available

Black - 1 available

SWIMMER Headphones!

$40 + shipping each

Little Red Riding Hood

Very popular White Swimmer Boston/Handbag

This bag was really popular and sold out almost immediately.
$55 + shipping

This bag has a cute detachable bow and an inner lining with polka dots. It's so cute and is very spacious!

Big Red Swimmer Polka-dot Handbag
Another popular item, this will hold everything for you while you shop! ^__^
$60 + shipping

White Heart Swimmer Shoulderbag
$50 + shipping

This is so cute! ^^ hurts to sell this, but I need to clear room and I've never used it ^^;

Swimmer White Bunny bag :)
$36 + shipping

This is what it looks like when worn:

This is a photo of the pink version:

Like the pink version, the white one also has a pearl necklace, poseable ears, and a cute pink bow :D

Swimmer Black Kitty Shoulder bag
$35 + shipping

I take all forms of paypal, but will have to ask the buyer to pay fees, sorry! ;__;
I ship worldwide :D
All sales are final.
No returns, no exceptions
I am not responsible for packages that go missing if the buyer does not pay for registered shipping or AirSure.

Thanks for looking!
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