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Hey guys! I am moving to Sweden in less than a month and I really need to get rid of a lot of stuff. You can make an offer on anything if you feel the price is too high! I have A LOT of items listed! Please help me outttt! I also just cut back some prices on some things.

I have manga, anime, kimono, bags, san-x, sanrio, stationery items, soo many stuff! Check here!

Also, right now I have a few specials...:
Buy 2 items get 3rd 50% off! (will be the cheapest item)
Free shipping on purchases over $25 (not including shipping)

(you can only choose 1 promo if your purchase meets both, whichever may give you biggest discount)

Snow Drop Complete Set: Volumes 1-12:
All in excellent condition, read once! =)
If I don't get any offers I will throw this on eBay in the next few days.

Various Manga:
Crazy Love Story vol. 1+2 = $5 (On Hold)
Kare Kano vol. 1: $3.00 $2.50
Sensual Phrase vol 1: $3.00
xxholic vol. 1: $3.00 (On Hold)
Happy Mania vol. 5: $2.00

Various Manga:
Your and My Secret vol 1: $3.00 (On Hold)
Doll vol 1: $3.00 (On Hold)
Gundam Wing 1: $2.00
Gundam Wing 2: SOLD
Endless Waltz: $3.00
Duck Prince vol 1: $3.00 (On Hold)

My Sassy Girl vol. 1: $2.50 (On Hold)
Samurai Executioner vol. 1: $2.50 (On Hold)

Crayon Shinchan: $3.00 each or all for $8.00 (Traded)
Shotcuts vol 2. :$3.00 (On Hold)
(you don't need to really have the previous volumes of these to understand anything, they're all just shorts) ^^

Trouble Chocolate vol 1-3 DVDs: $10 $8 (On Hold)
Hyper Police vol.1: $4 $3 (On Hold)

Chobits vol. 1+2 DVDs: $8.00 $7.00 (On Hold)

Full Metal Panic vol. 1 DVD: $4 $3
Galaxy Fraulein Yuna DVD: $4 $3

Various DVDs: $3.00 each
The Promise and Curse of the Golden Flower are subtitled.

That 70s Show DVD Boxsets 1-5: $50 or Make an Offer!

Sex and The City Season 1 DVD: $8 $7

Fancy Postcards: $1 for both

San-x Soraneko Letter Set: $5.00

Kawaii Waterdrop Guy Letterset: $5

Gears Of War Memo Pad: $1
(I don't think I ever used this!)

Various San-x Pouches
Kogepan: $4.50 $4.00
Atsugari-san: $7.00 $6.50
Twin Stars: $4.50 $4.00

San-x Twin Stars Pencil Pouch: $4.50 $4.00

San-x Atsugari-san Tissue Cover: $6.00

Hello Kitty Small Tote Bag: $4.00

San-x Panda Draw-string Bag: $4.00
(crappy photo)

Sonic Chronicles DS Stylus w/ charms: $5 $4

Digi Charat Gema keychain/ small plush: $2

Melody Girl JUMBO Ufo Plush: $8 $7
(She has discoloured on the bottom of her skirt from age :( But she is so large and made of awesome and win!)

Nohonon Large Cat Plush: $8

Random Plushies: $1 each

Digi Charat Pyocola Plushie: $3 (On Hold)
(need to be reguled in some places, hat is doscolored a little)

Other Pyocola Plushie: $4 (On Hold)

You can buy both for $6!

Pyocola Mini Figure: $2.25 (On Hold)
That is a piece of tape on the side!

Jay Chou Poster: $10 or Make an Offer
I'm engaged now. I can't take this with me. D:

Chii Poster: $3 (On Hold)

all various anime posters:
X posters: $1 for both (On Hold)
Spiral poster: $1
Macross: $1
for shipping these I might have to fold them unless I can find the original tubes I got them in)

I dunno cutie: $2 (On Hold)
(rip on the side by his neck)

Edison Chen Jumbo Promo Poster: $5 $4

Convention Badges: $1 for both

Cherry Shoe Laces: $1
Gloomy Bear Shoe Laces: $1 SOLD!

Barbie China Doll: $5 (On Hold)

Teal/Aquamarine AUTHENTIC Japanese Kimono: $35
(vintage, but in great condition! Maybe has like a few tiny marks or so from age)

Pink Sakura Blossoms Japanese AUTHENTIC Kimono: $35
(vintage, but in good condition! Has like a few marks/stains or so from age, but can be cleaned.)

 Also check out my other stuff on my LJ store! You can make offers on anything!! =]
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