Alexis (myuuri) wrote in garagesalejapan,

DS> 2 pairs gyaru style heels, 1 JD style choker

I recently bought two pairs of adorable gyaru heels from a ViVi site from HK - I love them, but they are both a 39 which is a little bit too small for me at the front of the foot. I am an 8.5 or 9 US size, and would recomment these for an 8 or a very narrow 8.5. Each pair has only been tried on and walked around in my kitchen. I am not looking to make money off of these, simply to recover my cost + shipping. (**US buyers preferred**)

The first pair is a leopard print mule with hot pink heart shaped heel (very popular right now, as seen in Ageha~). Color is closest to stock image. These are adorable and nearly impossible to find stateside. The sole is slightly padded and they feel pretty comfy with the exception of being too tight in the toe for me. There is a slight discoloration on the sole of each shoe - they were shipped to me like this. I am looking for $55 shipped.


The second pair is a black mule with very pretty black lace, ribbon and rhinestone decoration over the toe. The ribbon is long-ish, and will skim your toes a little bit and the material has a bit of a python-like texture. These have an ankle strap featuring black lace with a silver buckle, and the heel is metallic gold. I'll be honest, these are beautiful but they don't feel like the most heavy duty of shoes, at least where the anklet strap is concerned. Again, I am looking for $55 shipped.


Last item is a Jesus Diamante style double strand faux pearl choker I bought last year from user nana_jun. I have never worn it due to the XBOX HUEG white silk rose that drops down from the middle of the pearl strands. Having not amassed many JD or hime style clothes and dresses, it just doesn't go with anything I own. The necklace has a faux-gold lobster clasp, and double strand faux pearls that meet at a white silk rose "brooch" backed by white and pink ribbon. There is also a little drop down of smaller white pearls that has a flower lace detail and white ribbon attached (Hard to explain). I am looking for $13 shipped or a possible trade of other jewelry/accessories.


I hope some of you girls are as smitten with these pieces as I was (and hopefully have a slightly smaller foot!). Thank you for looking!!
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