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\^__^/ Hi! I finally am in my new apatto @_@ and I can sell off all the stuff I have gathered from boxes ;o;

If you get over 4 manga shipping will be free /(_ _)\
5.50 each for manga; + .50 for shipping / 6 total a manga unless ^- the above.
special pricing for the more wanted;

I take Money Orders/ Cashier checks/ and WELL CONCEALED cash -o-

American Manga:

Gravitation: 1-9 {set $45 shipped in states}
Image hosted by

Erica Sakurazawa books;
Angel Nest
The Aromatic Bitters
Between the Sheets
Image hosted by

Marmalade Boy: 1-5 {set $25 shipped in states}
Image hosted by

Hot Gimmick: 1,7,8
Image hosted by

Peach Girl: 4,5,10
Image hosted by

Digi Charat
Image hosted by

Fruits Basket: 7, 8
Image hosted by

Imadoki: 1
Image hosted by

Princess Ai: 1-2 {both $8 shipped in states} /1 has wear and sundamage on the top of the binding/ 1 alone would be 3 dollars
Image hosted by
A.I Love You: 1 /wear on cover/ 3 dollars

Yaoi Series; 7$ each shipped [e_e they are bigger then normal mangas]
Passion 1
Image hosted by

Japanese Manga:

4 dollars each shipped;

Image hosted by
Nana: 1
PeachGirl 13/ equal to Peach Girl Change of Heart: 5
Image hosted by
Unknown by Flower Comics: 1-2
Imadoki: 1-2
His and Her Circumstances: 1-2


DiGiCharat Photobook 15$ shipped
Image hosted by

Aya Matsuura - Watarasebashi (with 5 Photo Cards)(Limited Edition)(Japan Version) 8 Shipped
Namida ga Tomaranai Hokago (with 5 Photo Cards)(Limited Edition)(Japan Version) 8 Shipped
Image hosted by

2 - Mr. Children single mini's
Hotei - Circus
The Yellow Monkey
Namie - How to be a Girl
o_o all of them for like 6 dollars -o- since I got them cheap yet never listened to
Image hosted by

A Tale of Two Sisters; Region 2; English and Chinese subs; DVD 10$
Image hosted by

Chance Pop Session; Region 1; subbed and dubbed; DVD 1-3 {25$ set}
Image hosted by

Ju-On; Region 1; English subs; DVD 8$
Image hosted by

Trades; o_o Kpop ^__^;;
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