The Mind Shit (themindshit) wrote in garagesalejapan,
The Mind Shit

Dir en grey, An Cafe / Gazette / Many other bands

Selling Dir en grey's fanbook Haiiro na Ginka Vol. 04, and Shoxx vol. 191 featuring An Cafe with Gazette and tons of other bands.

Description: Shoxx 191, pretty good condition. Small fold at the top of the left corner as shown in the photo below. Other than that it's pretty much in perfect condition.
Price: $15.76 shipping and paypal fee included for the US. Prices vary for international shipping. Price is SLIGHTLY negotiable. Paypal only. I don't want anyone to risk loosing cash.
If you're not serious about buying this. Please do not comment.

Description: I'm sure you know what it is. It's Dir en grey's fanclub book. One of the first volumes.
Price: Bidding starts at $20. I'll ship anywhere. If you're curious about what it'll cost, just ask.
Condition: It's not totally in the best condition. The corners are a little bent, but its nothing serious. The binding, cause of its age, it a bit iffy, but it's nothing bad.

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