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Costume Items (Wigs, Costumes) + Lolita Skirt For Sale

Until June 5th there will be a 20% discount on all the items I have for sale. ^_^ I would really like to get these items sold. Discounted prices have been posted next to the original prices, which are striked.

Short Henna Red Wig - $23 $18- A wig that was styled for Esther from Trinity Blood, but is still easily ueable for short-haired redheads after a bit of styling.

Blue/Black Scruffy Wig - $18 $14- Orginally a Dark Blue Scruffy from Cosworx. Blacked was added with sharpie, with a little blue left to show through.

Serenity/Shizuka (Yu-Gi-Oh!) Costume - $20 $16- Costume set of Serenity from Yu-Gi-Oh made in 2003 out of fleece and modified thrift-store finds.

Light Blue Lolita Skirt with Headbow - $30 $24- A lolita skirt that I made out of spare fabric. Comes with a matching headbow.

Tir McDohl (Suikoden) Costume - $40 $32- A costume from one of my favourite series. Was made in 2007. SOLD. ^_^

Photos, detailed descriptions, and shipping info is on each item's page. I'm actually open for trades, but only for a medium/long blonde wavy/curly wig. Feel free to comment if you have any questions. ^_^

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