Big Pimpin' (reppu) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Big Pimpin'

Looking to buy, so sell to me!

I'm looking to buy some items, so if you have any of it, please tell me!

*Witch Hunter Robin series

*08th MS Team Gundam series

*Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 2

*Yaoi manga or anthologies featuring these artists:

-Youka Nitta
-Kisaragi Hirotaka
-Yamato Nase
-Taishi Zaou
-Masara Minase
-Touko Kawai (I really want "Bondz" if someone has it)
-Kazuma Kodaka

I also want English yaoi manga, but the only ones I don't have are Level C and Passion. Basically, offer anything yaoi and I might accept.

I have these things to sell/trade:

*Kino's Journey DVD 1 + Artbox
*Yu-gi-oh Kaiba Starter set (with 3 Blue Eyes White Dragons)
*Yu-gi-oh Yugi Starter set
*Shonen Jump vols. 1-24
*Ranma 1/2 vol.5 (2nd version) ENGLISH
*Chrono Crusade vol.1-2 ENGLISH

I just want to get rid of them, so almost any offer will be accepted.

Also, I desperately need to know if someone can find B-boy Luv #16 for a cheap price. Thanks!
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