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All prices are negociable. Make me an offer as I want to get rid of this stuff.

ABJD clothing:


DollHeart Street Raider Pants - $25


DollHeart Black Mix and Match Girl Shirt - $10

DollHeart MSD shorts - part of the Baby Wolf set, sold out on website - $10


VHS tapes - whatever offer but keep in mind the shipping cost

Subbed: Tenchi Universe vol. 1 (eps. 1-4), El Hazard vol. 4 (eps. 11-14), Final Fantasy: Legend of the Crystals vol. 1
Dubbed: Tenchi 2nd Movie


DNAngel vol. 6 (english) - $5

I somehow ended up with two of the same volume.

Card Captor Sakura: Master of the Clow vol. 5 (english) - $5

Princess Mononoke Film Comic vol. 2 (japanese) - $3

English single Manga issues - $2 each

Gundam Wing: Battlefied of Pacifists #1, Sailor Moon #2, Oh My Goddess! Robot Wars Special, Record of Lodoss War: The Grey Witch

Saiyuki Clear File + 2 Cards Set - $3

Cards - Give me an offer for individual or sets:

Tenchi Muyo cards - English, 7 cards

Slayers cards - English, 7 cards

Final Fantasy Spirits Within - English, 7 cards

Evangelion: Death and Rebirth widescreen cards - Japanese, 7 cards

Card Captor Sakura cards (Part 2) - Japanese, 9 cards

Card Captor Sakura cards (Part 4) - Japanese, 10 cards

These are really cute. Almost don't want to sell them away. ^^;

Animerica Issues!

I also have a TON load of Animerica magazine issues (these are only part of the collection) from quite a few years so if there's any issue anyone wants or any particular anime focused issues or if you want an issue you have a cosplay image of you in, then let me know. Probably will give most away for free if you can pick them up from me.

Videogame Stuff:

Orphen PS2 game - $10

Only ever played a little 'cause the voices are dubbed.

Magic Knight Rayearth japanese Game Gear game - $7

It's of the dating sim format so thus I was never able to figure out how to get far. XP This one is a long shot as no idea if anyone still has a Game Gear besides me.

Ever 17 (Hirameki English version) Visual Novel 2 discs - $10


Kamen Rider toy (I think from a McDonald's Meal)

Take any offer

Sonic McDonald toys: Sonic and Knuckles

Take any offer

Chinese Dragon Mini Purse/Coin Purse - $3

Mom got it once for me but I don't use purses and stuff like this.

"Lovely Flower" Mirror (Korean) - $3

Says "She is a fairy who delivers a good luck" XP

And putting these out there in case anyone wants them:

Power Rangers figures - Pink Ranger and Monster-of-the-Day

Will take any offer.

Power Rangers stickers

Will take any offer.


Ok the deal on these is if you're purchasing anything, feel free to take some of these at no additional cost. If you want only some of the flyers, then you still need to pay me shipping though.

Mini Posters:

FLCL, Love Hina, Jin-Roh, and InuYasha (the InuYasha one was on my wall once so there are some tears on the back from the previous tape)


Shinchan, Hoop Days, Taruto, The Cat Returns, Paradise Kiss, Akira cel (came free with the special edition DVD of Akira back years ago but its a bit scratched up from being on my wall for years), WitchBlade, Fate/Stay Night, BetterMan, Ergo Proxy, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, Duel Jewel, Gantz, Juvenille Orion

I take paypal and am willing to take concealed cash/checks as well. My e-mail is for any further questions or discussions on purchases. Or you can just leave me a comment here. Shipping will be around $2-3 depending on the item(s).

I will also be attending Otakon, and AnimeUSA this year and am willing to hold transactions until the con if you are attending any of them and want to save on shipping.
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