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Costumes for sale

Under the cut are the following costumes:
1. Youji from Weiß Kreuz - TV series coat: $15
2. Auron from Final Fantasy X - partially completed coat: $15
3. Mikoto Utsugi from GaoGaiGar - TV version, complete costume: $50
4. Misaki Suzuhara from Angelic Layer - TV version, complete costume: $60

I'm also giving away some wigs and other costume pieces on cos_swap here:

And I have a few laserdiscs and other items up on eBay:

All these costumes have been worn at least once, but they're still in very good condition. They haven't been worn in years, and I need to get rid of them before my impending cross-country move. Specifics will be listed under each costume.

Prices include the cost of shipping within the US. I ship via USPS, either Priority Mail or First Class/Parcel Post...whatever will get you your stuff quick and won't cost an arm and a leg. Stuff goes to the post office within 1-2 business days after payment is received.

Paypal is accepted and preferred. :) If you want something, just comment on this post and I'll reply with my Paypal info. And if you're outside the US or want to pay with a money order or something, just include that in the comment and we'll work something out.

Thanks for looking!

1. Youji from Weiß Kreuz - TV series coat: $15

Dark blue women's coat with stripes of white ribbon and buckles added to it. Hidden buttons in front with added hooks and eyes at the collar. Anne Klein over coat, kind of a fuzzy sueded fabric, and it has a removable button-in wool blend lining. It's marked size 2, but since you're not wearing a bunch of winter clothing under it when it's a costume, it easily fits about a size 6.

I bought the coat and modified it in 1999, wore it 4 or 5 times in 1999 and 2000, and it's been in storage ever since. It's still in great condition, but as you can see from the photos it's rather wrinkled from being folded up in storage for so long. It'll definitely need to be ironed or steamed out.


2. Auron from Final Fantasy X - partially completed coat: $15

Coat based off a men's kimono pattern. Fabric is a burgundy wool, dark blue trim is sueded polyester of some sort. The body of the coat has been finished, but the sleeve edges are still raw. I was planning to add the hooks for the shoulder armor pieces and the loops for the arm belts before closing up the sleeves, but never got around to it.

I started making this coat in 2002 as a companion item for my Rikku costume, but never finished it. It's meant to fit a man about 6' - 6'2" and about a 46 - 48 chest size, maybe larger since it's a pretty loose fit. I'll include the remaining pieces of the wool fabric so you can add the belt loops on the arms.

3/4 view

3. Mikoto Utsugi from GaoGaiGar - TV version, complete costume: $50

Included items are: custom wig, headset, dress, jacket, and boots. Costume was made in 2004, worn for one convention masquerade, and has been in storage ever since. Excellent condition.

Dress is white stretch cotton twill and magenta bridal satin with black trim/piping. There is a hidden zipper up the side and another zipper at the upper back which is concealed by the jacket. The red scarf piece is sewn to the dress, and the GGG logo on the arm is a t-shirt transfer. Dress is fully lined in the same fabrics.

Jacket is red cotton duck, trim is yellow lycra with fusible interfacing to keep it stiff. The fake clasps on the front are sculpey. Jacket is also lined in the same red cotton duck.

Wig is a short brown wig that's been colored by airbrushing it with red and brown airbrush paint. The hair tails are craft foam with a wire base to keep them stiff, and painted in the same colors to match the rest of the wig. Headset was made with paperclay over a balsa wood base and painted in acrylic paint.

Boots are cream leather, were once knee height but have been cut down to ankle height. They were a little small so I had to cut them up the back and make them bigger, so I glued a thin strip of the leftover leather up the back seam to conceal the modification.

Dress is meant to be tight and short. Measurements of the dress are as follows: bust 34, waist 30, hip 38. Skirt length from base of neck is 31 inches. Shoes are a size 7. If you want more measurements or additional info, just ask.

Reference image
Costume being worn
Dress front
Dress arm with logo
Dress back
Dress with jacket, front view
Dress with jacket, back view
Dress with jacket, 3/4 view
Wig and headset
Wig and headset, alternate view

4. Misaki Suzuhara from Angelic Layer - TV version, complete costume: $60

Included items are: custom wig, headset, jacket with attached armband and removable pin, shirt, skirt, stockings, boots. Costume was made in 2005 for a convention masquerade; was worn once and has been in storage since then. Excellent condition.

Jacket and skirt are made from white cotton twill and blue lycra that has been interfaced to make it stiff and non-stretchy. Crowns are yellow lycra appliqued to the blue. Jacket is fully lined and has a button front. Armband is attached to the jacket. Pin/medal is removable, made of blue and yellow lycra with a sculpey crown. Skirt has a high waist and zip back. It's unlined but the seams are serged.

Shirt is sleeveless, zip front, made from seafoam green lycra. Stockings are thigh highs (without feet) and made from the same blue lycra. You'll probably need some double-sided fashion tape or something to hold them up on your legs (I used carpet tape, ouch.) Shoes are built on white Keds, covered in the same blue lycra and some white polyester knit fabric. Wig has extensions sewn in at the temples and the same yellow lycra around the ends to hold it tight.

The headset was made for me by a friend, and is built on a pair of safety glasses with molded plastic bits around them. The glue holding the metal piece on one side has come off, so that'll need to be repaired. The red wiring around the glasses lights up; here's how the wiring stuff works: All the wires are fed down the neck of the jacket, then drop the battery pack down your back and let it sit in the waistband of the skirt, and fish the control box down one sleeve and hold it in your hand. Turn on the wiring with the power button, and then flicker the second button to make the wiring flicker. We used this in our skit during the fight parts, so it may be totally useless to anyone else wearing the costume, but... :)

Sizing is as follows: Bust 32-34, waist 28 maximum (high waist). Shoes are a size 8. I also have a large piece of the blue lycra left over so I'll include that if you ever need to make repairs or whatever. I was going to remake the stockings so they had feet, but never got around to it. If you want more measurements or additional info, just ask.

Note: to avoid damage, the headset will be shipped separately, so this costume will actually come in 2 boxes...hence the higher cost to account for shipping.

Reference image
Costume being worn
Shirt and skirt, front view
Jacket and skirt, front view
Jacket and skirt, back view
Closeup on jacket
Wig, front
Wig, left
Wig, back
Wig, right
Headset, side
Headset, back
headset, 3/4 view, showing unglued metal piece and all the wiring
Headset, front
Headset, front, turned on
Stockings and shoes
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