_HirOTorA_ (gardenofsuicide) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Please help me get rid of my things! ^^

I have added many more things to my selling journal!


There are a lot of new posters such as Aoi (the GazettE), Tora (alice nine.), Aki (SID) and many more!
Also some signed ones!!!!!!

You can also find many new added clothes (skirts, tops and more).

Just take a look!
I'm sure there is something you will like! ^^

I'm also open for trades but only if you have something Kat-Tun or Shonen Ai/Yaoi related! ^^'

I'm shipping to worldwide!
Shipping is not included in the prices and I'm willing to give you discounts on shipping if you buy more things!
Prices are negotiable! <3

Everything can be found HERE:

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