evilimpmon (evilimpmon1) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Selling manga

I have lot manga to sell. $5.00 per manga. Paypal only, CC and non-CC accepted. More manga you buy, you get discount. U.S. residence only. I will use Media mail shipping service, please let me know if you want other service.

Most manga here are in like new condition. I will let you know if manga have certain damages or whatever....if manga you selected have some damages, I will discount those.

Trinity Blood - v05
Tokyo Babylon - v02
Door of Chaos - v01~02
Planetes - v01
Welcome to N.H.K. - v05
Redrum - v01
Loveless - v04, 07~08 <-I have 2 copies for 7 and 8


Anne Freaks - v02
Aria - v01

Kitchen Princess - v04

Viz Shonen Jump Advanced

Death Note - v04, 07, 10, 13 (ALL ON HOLD)
Reborn! - v11
Dragon Drive - v05

Viz Media
Read or Dream -v02
Inubaka - v11
The Law of Ueki - v04

Viz Shojo Beat
Ouran High School Host Club - v02, 04
Tail of the Moon - v13, 14
Skip Beat! - v16
Wild Ones - v03
B.O.D.Y. - v02
Monkey High! - v04~05

Yen Press
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya - v01

Bandai Entertainment
Code Geass - Stage 1- Shadow (ON HOLD)
Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann - v01
WitchBlade - v01

Penguin Revolution - v06

Dark Horse
Lone Wolf and Cub - v08

Zesty! -v01

Also I'm open to trade too: Bold text = most wanted!

Alive - v05+
Aria - v04
Battle Angel Alita - v06
Battle Angel Alita: Last Order - v05

Blade of the Immortal - v011, 15~17, 21+
Eden: It's an Endless World - v06+
Excel Saga - v07~17, 19+
Ghost Hunt - v07+
GTO - v07~09, 11~25
Midori Days -v03
Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind - v02+
Nodame Cantabile - v15+
Orochi: Blood
Phoenix - v01~12E
Saikano - v04~05
Scary Book - v02~03
The Young Magician - v01, 03, 09
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