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Hello everyone just added some more stuff to sell, I have items from Death Note (one manga and anime dvd), Fushigi Yuugi manga, 2 yaoi, Also Ayumi Hamasaki cds, a TM Revolution cd, a Tetsu/TVXQ poster, bento box and TUK creepers please click the cut for more info. Everything is sold cheap!


Death Note anime episodes 14-18 (Japanese language only with subtitles) $3


Death Note vol.3 $1
Fushigi Yuugi vol.2 $1
Fallen Moon (soft yaoi) $2 (<-smaller book) (trading)
Vampire's Portrait (hard yaoi 18+ only please confirm when you buy) $3 (trading)


Ayumi Hamasaki:
My Story $3
Duty $3
TM Revolution Triple Joker $3


Tetsu/TVXQ poster $1 (hold)


2-tier Bento box with strawberris $2 (yes I know someone else is selling the same kind ^^)

Creepers listed here:

TRADES ARE VERY WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!! my wishlist includes: Death Note Doujishi (MelloxNear pairings), Gravitation Doujinshi (any), English yaoi manga. Any Death Note items except: anime (have full anime), manga from vol1-8, and all 3 movies) If you don't have anything on my list no problem I always try to make the trade no matter what so show me what you have.

All items except creepers include shipping in the prices for US
(sorry international shipping can get pricey ^^;;)
I have feedback here:
Please comment if more info or pictures are needed (I'm being lazy :P)
Shipping will have to wait till next week (I don't have a car, and won't have a ride till then)
Also my items come from a home with cats and dogs (and my kitty just decided to plop on my stuff so if you have an allergy please let me know and I apologize)
Thank you
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