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Lots of random stuff XD

I have to raise money to buy a belly dance costume, so please buy my stuff.

Manga Clip Art (with photoshop disc)
Japanese Grammar (pocket size)
Breaking into Japanese Literature
Challenge Elementary Kanji Dictionary (this is a dictionary for Japanese schoolkids--has furigana and cute pictures, good for learners)
Reader’s Guide to Intermediate Japanese
Cosplay Girls: Japan’s Live Animation Heroines
Fruits (volume 1)

Phonebook Manga
Cheese July 2007 (Aihara Miki, Shinju Mayu)
Cheese Feb 2008 (Aihara Miki)
Cookie July 2007 (NANA wedding?!)
Juliet November 2000
Juliet September 2001

So Bad vol 5 (Aihara Miki)
So Bad vol 6 (Aihara Miki)
Honey Hunt vol 2 (Aihara Miki, shrinkwrapped!)

Anime/Japanese DVDs
Magic User’s Club vol 1
Fruits Basket vol 1
Sorcerer Hunters vol 1
Shinesman (one-shot)
Cosplay Encyclopedia
Angel Sanctuary
Tenchi the Movie 2: Daughter of Darkness
Maiko Haaaan!!!

Japanese Magazines
Gothic and Lolita Bible vol 6 (November 2002)
Seventeen Jan 2004
CosMo (Cosplay Magazine) vol 3
CosMo vol 2
CosMode vol 4
Kera June 2004
Kera June 2005 (crease in cover)
Kera Maniax vol 2
Kera Maniax vol 6
Cutie March 2005
Cutie April 2008
Happie Nuts March 2008
Ego System July 2006
Es POSHH! March 2008
Es POSHH! May 2008
Egg October 2006
Egg May 2008
Kera April 2009
Zipper February 2009
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