Kali's Kloset (kalis_kloset) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Kali's Kloset

Doujinshi - Final Fantasy VII

Hello all! I have some pretty delightful FFVII/AC doujin for sale! Pairings are mostly Sephiroth/Cloud and Zack/Cloud. There is one Tseng/Reno available, and there are quite a few crack pairings scattered throughout. Please go take a look, and I'll take offers as well!

Kali's Kloset - FFVII Doujinshi

The only thing I will trade for is "Jesus Christ" by WASAB'z (Reno/Cloud). I'll give just about anything for that one. ;)

Please comment with any questions! Thanks!! :D
Tags: doujinshi
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