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Manga, Anime, J-Rock + Other Misc. Crap For Sale!

Terms of the Sale:


- ORDER NUMBERS: each order will be given an "order number" (ex: "order number 628"). This number should be used as your subject header in e-mail or somewhere within the content of your e-mail. Please remember to include this number when you mail us your payment.

- PRICES & CONDITIONS: All prices are in USA currency. Prices for merchandise are as listed individually beside each item.

If you wish to buy a set of items, we can lower the price we see fit. The merchandise is used and purchased "As-Is." We will always tell you the condition of each of the items you wish to purchase once you inquire about them, and a new, lower price may be negotiated for items that are scratched or flawed. In the event that two or more people request the same item at the same time, we will sell to the best offer. Whenever someone offers to pay a higher price, I will notify all who are interested in that item and wait to see if anyone else is willing to bid a new price.

- PAYMENT METHODS: We accept only cash and money orders. Money orders should be made out to "Kim Clavecilla." Cash is sent at your own risk. There is nothing we can do if it is lost in the mail. Also, money orders may be lost in the mail as well, so to those who plan to use money orders, please keep your receipts of the money order (the section of the MO you tear off). In cases that money orders are lost, return to the place where you purchased the money order and show the store clerk the receipt tab to either refund your money, or get a new money order. We will not accept any personal checks.

- PACKAGING & SHIPPING CHARGES: Items will be packaged in cardboard boxes with either bubble wrap or peanuts inside or the items will be wrapped within the materials of a grocery paper bag, depending on its dimensions. Prices do not include shipping. Because each order will differ, we will tell you the shipping charges in your confirmation e-mail. Always wait for us to confirm your request before sending your payment.

- TURN-AROUND TIME: E-mail is checked everyday. Once we receive your payment, you order will be shipped the very next mailing day. US order should not take any longer than three to seven business days.

- CANCELLATION: If you wish to cancel your order or any items of your order, please let us know as soon as possible. For any payment not received within one week of confirmation, that order will automatically be canceled.

- E-MAILS: All e-mails need to be sent to Do not request any merchandise through posting comments, because even though I am a member of the community, I do not receive the community posts. Orders and/or inquiries must be e-mailed privately to once again. Also, please do not post comments in my LJ inquiring about whichever items interest you.


Alichino; vol. 1; $5
Anglelic Layer; vol. 1; $5
Aquarian Age: Juvenile Orion; vol. 1-2; $5 each
Berserk; vol. 1; $5
Boys-Be; vol. 1-2; $5 each
Central City; vol. 1; $3
CLAMP School Defenders Duklyon; vol. 1; $5
CLAMP School Detectives; vol. 1-3; $5 each
Crying Freeman; vol. 1-3; $7 each
Cursed Sword; vol. 1-2; $5 each
Dears; vol. 1; $5
Demon Diary; vol. 1-7; $5 each
Deus Vitae; vol. 1-3; $5 each
Eternity; vol. 1; $5
Evil’s Return; vol. 1-2; $5 each
Flowers and Bees; vol. 1; $5
Forbidden Dance; vol. 1-4; $5 each
Gravitation; vol. 1; $5
Hana-Kimi; vol. 2-4; $5 each
Happy Mania; vol. 1-6; $5 each
Hot Gimmick; vol. 1-7; $5 each
Kare Kano; vol. 1-8; $5 each
The Kindaichi Case Files; vol. “Mummy’s Curse” and “Opera House”; $5 each
Man of Many Faces; vol. 1-2; $5 each
Marmalade Boy; vol. 1-8; $5 each
New Vampire Miyu; vol. 1-4; $7 each
Please Save My Earth; vol. 1-2; $5 each
Princess Ai; vol. 1; $5
Rebirth; vol. 1-9; $5 each
Remote; vol. 2; $5
Sanctuary; vol. 1; $5 each
Sensual Phase; vol. 1-3; $5 each
Snow Drop; vol. 1-7; $5 each
Vampire Princess Miyu; vol. 1; $5
X/1999; vol. 1-4, 10; $5 each

*these manga are all translated in English

Untranslated Manga (original Japanese, bishonen, $2 each)
Cipher; vol.4
Cutlass; vol. 1
Kantarera; vol. 1
Rasen no Kakera; vol. 5
Zeus; vol. 2


-- "Another World" & "December Love Song" (includes making-of for each) $8
-- "Kimi no Tame ni Dekiru Koto" & "Secret Garden" (includes making-of for each) $8
-- "MARS" (concert tour, 12 songs) $12
-- "Mirror" & "Oasis" (includes “Original Story” mini CD) $8
-- "Mizerable" (includes mini CD) $8
-- "Platinum Box I" (includes CD) $15
-- "Vanilla" $5

-- "Another Face" (includes 4 songs) $3

-- "Susume!! Tonosama" $3

La’cryma Christi
-- "4U" (four music videos) $3
-- "Glass Castle" (4 music videos) $3
-- "Lhasa concert" (double VHS set; includes stickers, lyrics, and photo booklet) $5
-- "True Color" (six music videos) $3
-- "Zero concert" (includes Fanatic Crises, L’arc, and Glay) $1
-- "Magic Theater" album (THIS IS ONLY AN AUDIO CD. 12 tracks.) $3

Luna Sea
-- "Rewind" (26 songs, 113 minutes) $5

-- "In the Kingdom of the Moonlight" $3

Shinya (of ex-LUNA SEA)
-- "No Sticks" $3


Fan subs ($1 each)
-- CLAMP in Wonderland/On Your Mark/Panda Kopanda/Maho Tsukai Tai epis. 5-6
-- Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne vol. 1 (epis. 1-4)
-- Legend of Basara vol. 1 (epis. 1-4)
-- Mamotte Shugogetten vol. 1 (epis. 1-4)
-- Maze: Mega-burst Space vols. 1-6 (epis. 1-25. For all six tapes; $3 total)
-- Maze OAV 1-2/Violinist of Hamelin
-- Rurouni Kenshin epis. 41-46

Untranslated Anime (no subtitles)
-- Sailor Moon SuperS vols. 1, 4-8, and special (6 tapes with original Japanese covers; $5 total)

-- Princess Mononoke Film Book $8

-- Azumi, the Movie DVD (REGION 2, subtitled, starring popstar Aya Ueto) $20
-- King of Chess DVD $3
-- The Others VHS $1
-- Princess-D VCD $2
-- The Talented Mr. Ripley VHS $1
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