hitokiriace (hitokiriace) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Crazy_bamn is a liar!~


I was requested by crazy_bamn to post up the truth about what happened with our “deal” which is that I have found that this person is a liar!~ I posted on JE community on livejournal that I would like someone to help with purchasing items off ebay.ph since they only do shipping and pick ups within the Philippines. She offered to help so she added me on MSN where she immediately offered to help and bided on two items which I wanted. She even offered to pay for the items first since her Paypal account would not be ready until after a week so I gladly said I’d wait and immediately pay her afterwards. I also asked her for possible shipping methods so that I could get an idea of what shipping would be like. She agreed that everything was fine and that she would contact me as soon as the last seller contacts her since that item which was posted by the seller had not yet been re-listed. I asked for combined shipping for the two bided items to save on shipping in the Philippines region as they were from the same seller. This was done through an email on the next day when I found she was the winner of the items but I never got a reply. After which I tried to contact her on MSN again which didn’t work so once again I emailed her. Since that did not work I tried to message her on livejournal twice but got no reply. Finally I resorted in making a post on her livejournal sale which I finally got a response from her which was that she not only deleted my post but also banned me from making a comment on her post. After which I still got no reply, so a friend of mine contacted her in which she replied that she won’t be able to help because she is currently undergoing medical treatment. For clarification, I would like to say I was willing to pay her upfront but she said her Pay pal was currently not working. I did not receive a single form of email/message from her to notify me that she was no longer willing to help me. I only was able to talk to her once through MSN and then was not contacted again so if any problems occurred I could not discuss how to solve the problem. Also I was considering of giving her additional payment for her services and possible travel costs.

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