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05 June 2009 @ 04:48 pm
Super SALE--anime, jrock, jpop kpop :]  
A ton of items I'd like to sell before going abroad (won't have any use for them cept for sitting in a box for a year :/) Up for negotiations and sometimes trades! (very picky though ><)

Please check out all my items for sale Here!

On another note:
I'd like to suggest a shopping service to anyone who interested in buying products/ticket/anything directly from Japan. I was introduced to my commissioner through LJ and would like thus to extend his services to others who might be looking for items that can only be purchased in Japan like I was. Service has been wonderful and I definitely recommend him for your summer concert season needs! (and all other seasons, really!) Please check out his website at http://shoppingagent.webs.com/
Thanks for your time!