lovely_loots (livingdeadbunny) wrote in garagesalejapan,

CURE MAGAZINE (current issue--satsuki cd promo included)

Just wondering whether anyone would be interested in this magazine?

I've just bought it, and flipped through it once or twice. It remains in excellent, excellent condition.
The satsuki cd it came with was never opened from its original packaging, and stays neatly placed in the centre of the magazine.

I'm only interested in 3 pages of content (regarding nihon seiatsu 2009) and I'm actually considering about slicing these pages off and keeping them for myself. I will sell it at USD$14.41 (equal to SGD$21) without the 3 pages in it.

Considering how unbelievably expensive it is to ship one magazine overseas, I *prefer* Singaporean buyers  for this item, but if you live elsewhere, I'll still sell it to you provided you are willing to pay about USD$20.00++ just for the shipping alone (via standard airmail).
It should take approximately  two weeks or less to arrive if you're living in the U.S.(and an additional 1 week if you live in european countries).

Local buyers can just send me a PM about it and I can pass it to you during the upcoming streetfest ^^

PS: I will cut the pages with a cutter and a cardboard backing for  protecttion, so there won't be any fugly jagged pieces sticking out* :P
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