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Jrock, Magazines, Anime, Jpop, etc etc etc (Taking what I can get)

Offering the same things as I did before with a bit added x_x I'm taking what I can get for them, I have about $600 in veterinarian's bills to pay off and I need the money - so if you're interested comment here, and if you know someone who might be interested, pass it on (they can get me at deathpiano@gmail.com)? I need the money like whoa right now. Sorry for the poor quality of the pictures I personally took, but all I have is a phone-camera and it costs me money per picture message.

If you want anything, comment here with a price offer - first come, first serve (assuming that the first offer isn't ridiculous). I accept non-credit card PayPal, US Postal Money orders in USD, and cash at your own risk.

Shipping is $5 in the US, $10 outside the US unless otherwise noted.

Flyer/Poster/Magazine/Post Card Grab Bag
Alright, this is a little odd - but I just don't have the capability to take pictures of everything because at 25 cents per picture email from my phone, I'd end up spending $20. But I have about..oh, 30 or so flyers (estimating, could be more) from various groups (ones that stuck out were 12012, Aliza Marie, The Ask, Nightmare, DespairsRay), and some posters, as well as a magazine with a title I can't read (Glay on the cover, stuff on B'z and Pierrot as well). Guaranteed to get at least a Pierrot poster and a Janne Da Arc poster, I might throw a few more in there for no extra cost if I find them. Luci'fer Luscious Violenoue and Psycho le Cemu postcards are in there as well. It's a bit heavy, so shipping will depend on exactly what state/country you're in (I'm not going to rip you off, this will be weighed and calculated on the USPS website, so you can check as well). The highest offer gets this one, bidding starts at $10.

Magazines (All intact and in excellent condition, but without any posters/extras they may have come with)
- JPoint, 1 March 2002 - Features Arashi on the cover (I think, from what it says) and has bits on Dir en grey, Due le quartz, Morning Musume and others.
- JPoint, February 1999 - Features a bunch of people and groups, including GLAY, Luna Sea, Morning Musume, Dir en grey and L'arc~en~ciel.
- Arena 37c, December 2001 - Features Dir en grey on the cover, with Gackt, Siam Shade, Lucifer and others inside.
- Arena 37c, April 2000 - Features 19 on the cover with articles on TMR, Dir en grey and others.
- Shox'x, June 2003 - Features Psycho le Cemu on the cover with articles on Plastic Tree, J, rice and others inside. SOLD
- Shox'x, August 2003 - Features Pierrot on the cover with articles about PLC, Janne Da Arc and others. SOLD
- Psycho le Cemu Pride Vision Special Mook - Features PLC with lovely photos, and articles on MUCC, wyse and Plastic Tree among others.
- Shox'x, September 2003 - Features Psycho le cemu on the cover with features on Lareine, Laputa and others inside. SOLD

hide / hide with Spread Beaver Singles
All of these were in a rental shop prior to being bought, so they're used - the CDs, however, are in excellent condition. The packaging shows some wear and tear, but nothing huge.
Eyes Love You (c/w Oblaat) ON HOLD
Hurry Go Round (c/w Hurry Go Round voiceless version) ON HOLD
Ever Free (c/w Ever Free voiceless version) ON HOLD

hide Album - Hide Your Face SOLD

hide SPIRITS Karaoke CD (Picture)
Fairly rare (as in, I haven't seen it anywhere else), and an official product with the JASRAC marking. Contains karaoke tracks for:
Rocket Dive
Pink Spider
Tell Me
Ever Free

hide HIDE OUR PSYCHOMMUNITY 1994 Photobook (Picture)
Great condition, looked through it once and then put it on a shelf.

hide City Figurine and Accessories (Picture)
Excellent condition, taken out of the box once to look at and then put back in and displayed.

Aliene Ma'riage - Les Soirée ~Butoukai no E~ (Picture)
Live history video in excellent condition, in a large black and gold box. Shipping on this item is a bit more since it's rather heavy, $10 in the US and $15 internationally.

Buck-Tick (Picture)
Uta single (c/w Kimi E)

Mini Moni - Soundtrack to Minimoni ja Movie Okashi na Daibouken (Picture)
Contains these tracks:
1. Minimoni Town no Minomoni Cafe (Genki Jirushi no Oomori Song no Version Chigai)
2. Okashi Tsukutte Okkasui!
3. Watashi wa Kono Yo de Ichiban Bijin
4. Minimoni Cafe de Daisodou
5. Minimoni no Dekkai Tabi (Remix for the Movie)
6. Jyousama no Himitsu
7. NAKAJERI-TA no Shiro ni Shinobikome!
8. Kyoui no Reizouko - Sono nawa Reizou
9. Chika no Rouya Kara Nigero Dasou (Minimoni Telephone RIN RIN RIN no Version Chigai)
10. Suki, Suki, Kirai, Kirai, Kirai, Suki
11. Fushigina POCKET
13. Kuzureyuku NAKAJERI-TA Shiro
14. Tadaima, Minimoni Cafe (Okashi Tsukutte Okkasui! no version chigai)
15. Sayonara, Minimoni Cafe
16. Genki Jirushi no Oomori Song
17. CURTAIN CALL (Okashi Tsukutte Okkasui~! no Version Chigai)

Mini Moni Props SOLD

Weiss Kreuz
- Gakken Mook Animedia Special Artbook (Picture)
- Seiyuu Pencil Board (Picture)
- An Assassin and White Shaman I and II, official mangas by Kyoko Tsuchiya. Can be sold separately or together.

All in great condition.

Gundam Wing Endless Waltz Videocassette (Picture)
US dubbed version, only watched once.

Kingdom Hearts for Playstation 2 (Picture)
US version, played halfway through once. Excellent condition
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