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I've had this... box of jpop I received as a gift ages ago, which is weird, considering, you know. I'm not really a pop kind of girl. Anyway. I've lugged this over three states and I don't want to make it four states. Please take it from me.

artist - album title comments, price plus shipping (I'll also take your best offer)
MAX - Maximum Collection Cracked case, two cds. 5 + shipping?
Eriko with Crunch - Red Beat of My Life single perfect condition, three tracks. 5 + shipping?
Maaya Sakamoto - DIVE perfect condition, eleven tracks. 7 + shipping?
1999 Best Japan Ballads (Chinese compilation) Great condition, 15 tracks featuring artists like..Sugar Soul, Dragon Ash, aiko, Cocco. Stuff like that. 6 + shipping because it's Chinese.
SPEED - complete singles great condition, 17 tracks. 8 + shipping?
globe - Cruise Records 1995-2000 Okay condition. CD's fine, tiny crack in the side of the case. Two CD set, 29 tracks in total. 9 + shipping.
double - Crystal Great condition. 17 tracks. 7 + shipping
AUBE collection Compilation album, twelve tracks featuring artists like hitomi, Do As Infinity, Favorite Blue, etc. Great condition. 7 + shipping
1999 Japanese Best Singles (Chinese compilation) Perfect condition, 32 tracks in total. Stuff like GLAY, Dragon Ash, B'z, Kinki Kids, Mr. Children. You know. 8 + shipping
AVEX 10th Anniverary Collection Sweet mother of god, this thing's huge. Perfect condition, one hundred tracks. Yes. One hundred. Stuff like H jungle with t, hitomi, TRF, globe, Every Little Thing, m.c.A.T., Moon Child, Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra, Max, V6, D&D, Oblivion Dust, Vanity, Da Pump and so much more. o_O; 20 + shipping seems reasonable for a cd this massive and glorious.
TWO-MIX - Dream Tactix Perfect condition, ten tracks. 8 + shipping.
Namie Amuro - break the rules Perfect condition, ten tracks. First edition, I think, 'cos it comes with a lot of extra pretty pictures. 11 + shipping.
Aikawa Nanase - The Singles Collection (Limited Edition) Perfect condition, 16 tracks plus a bonus VCD with 5 music videos. 14 + shipping.
Sakura Tange - Best Perfect condition, 16 tracks. 8 + shipping.
UA - Singles Collection Perfect Condition, 14 tracks. 8 + shipping.
MAX - Moonlight single Perfect condition, c/w with Paradise Lost. 4 + shipping.

aaand three more I couldn't figure out the artists

Let me know if you're interested in those. o_O;


GiGS - 2000 - Sex Machinegunes cover, with bits of Dir en grey, Janne Da Arc, GLAY, The Yellow Monkey, J with Duff McKagan. Features music and tabs to songs by Sex Machineguns, B'z, Luna sea and Penicillin. Great condition, if you allow the fact that it is AS OLD AS TIME to set in. Best offer

GiRLPOP - Januart 2002 - hiro, SPEED, Do As Infinity, EE Jump, lotsa stuff I can't read. Many a poster included. </i>Perfect condition. Best offer.</i>

Weekly Origon - 2003 12/09 - Pierrot on cover, with bits of w-inds, I WISH, t.A.T.u (o_O), Skoop on Somebody, day after tomorrow, kagrra (o_O), DABO, BREATH, Tommy*angels. Perfect condition, best offer.
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