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Angel Sanctuary Art Books

Hello good shoppers! I hate to part with these but I have bills coming up and I have to set them free.

Up for grabs are both art Books for the Angel Sanctuary Manga. Both books are in near mint condition with minor shelf wear. I've only looked threw them once. I love the art, wasn't a huge fan of the manga. Books will be shipped using media mail which is only $2.35 + $15 for each book. I'll eat the paypal fees so don't worry about that.

I'm going to anime next in North Jersey so if your also going, we could just meet up there. Otherwise I'll try to mail these off tomorrow afternoon if I have a buyer by 3 p.m. est.

The Art of Angel Sanctuary: Angel Cage
by Kaori Yuki

The Art of Angel Sanctuary 2: Lost Angel
by Andrew McKeon (Compiler), Joel Enos (Editor), Kaori Yuki (Illustrator), Jonathan Tarbox (Translator), Pancha Diaz (Collaborator), Courtney Utt (Designer)
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