Vulpes vulpes. (cheriecherie) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Vulpes vulpes.

Shopping Service From Japan

Hi guys! :3 I started doing the artwork for the new shopping service from Japan, Shopping Agent.

We're in the process of designing an even better website, but in the meantime you can still make orders at fantastic prices!

Iori-san is very helpful with all of his customers, has strong positive feedback and responds to emails very quickly.

He will work with everything, including, Rakuten, MBok, and Yahoo!Japan Auctions. He has so many services available!


Click the link above or the advertisement to visit his site for all the info you need.

@mods: Since I am working with Iori-san for the site, I was not sure if this was in conflict with rule #3 or not. Please let me know and I will remove it if it is an issue. Thank you for your time~
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