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WTB: Anime Cosplay Costumes, Cosplay Wigs & Circle Lenses

Hello! I am going to Anime Expo on July 2nd-5th and I already have cosplay outfits but I'd like to see if anyone can sell any for cheap or one's that I want just..'cause.:P Like for example, Code Geass Kallen or D-Grayman Renalee..^-^ I don't know..just show me and I'll think about it!:]

Also, I'd like wigs! If you've got any please show me..I may or may not want them!;D Depends on what I'll be wearing~

Ooh and circle lenses are also in need since the convention is in 3 weeks..I want to purchase one's that are ready-to-ship as I need them asap! Please help me!:3 Thank you so much!♥
Tags: anime, fashion: cosplay, wanted
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