Sio-san (siosan) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Manga for sale...lots of it^^

I was told to come here to sell some of my loved manga.

All of it is in great shape. Pictures are available upon request as well as any information about condition. I just ask an extra dollar per item for shipping and handing.

I accept cash, money orders and paypal as payment option. If you have another way that works for you feel free to suggest it.

No price is set in stone, JUST ASK :-) I'm willing to discount multiple purchases as well as series purchases. Shipping and Handling may be discounted as well depending on how much you buy.

Hopefully you find the manga of your choice.

Manga for Sale:

Popcorn Romance $3
Call Me Princess $3
Onegai Teacher 1 $3
Onegai Teacher 2 $3
Onegai Teacher Novel $3
Between the Sheets-Erica Sakurazawa (18+) $5
Nothing but Loving You- Erica Sakurazawa (18+) $5
Peach Girl 1 $3
Peach Girl 2 $3
Peach Girl 3 $3
Peach Girl 4 $3
Chobits 1 $5
Chobits 2 $5
Chobits 3 $5
Chobits 4 $5
Sailormoon 2 $3
Full Metal Panic 1 $5
Rayearth 1 $7
Oh My Goddess 1-555-Goddess $7
Fushigi Yuugi 1 $7
Dragon Knights 1 $5
Dragon Rights 2 $5
Get Backers 1 $5
Real About Highschool 1 $5
Battle Royale 1 $5
Saber Marionette J 1 $5
Excel Saga 1 $5
Love Hina 1 $5

Photo Books:

The Art of Gundam Wing $10
The Art of Ranma ½ $10

Feel free to comment here or contact me outside of LJ.

AIM: miwakokisses

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