Linh (toastednoodle) wrote in garagesalejapan,

let's try this again + new stuff!

some relisting... and some new items!

here's some stuff I'm selling:
+Kra posters
+Unofficial band goods (wallet cards! badges!)

SUGGEST A PRICE! (shipping price not included, please)
excuse the inconsistent photos... some were taken with my phone and the others were taken with my camera

Kra Pinup back
brand new, never been hung.

Kra poster
has been hung once, but with the blue sticky stuff everyone loves.

Kiyoharu poster
brand new, never been hung.

PLC poster
brand new, never been hung.

TMRevolution poster other side

Fanatic Crisis poster
brand new, never been hung.

hide badge

Aoi badge

Hyde wallet card
it's bent in the middle >.>

Hyde and Gackt glossy photos
2 Hyde photos, one Gackt photo.

Blue hair extension
sorry for the horrible and blurry picture T3T but it's blue... and it's about... um... thelengthofmyhair...whichis...*scratches head* about... 9~10inches? I only wore it once, when I tried it on in the shop... so it's brand new @_@ and it's really cool :D but I don't know what to do with it since I'm not a cosplayer and I don't usually bother with acessories.... *pokes it*

-Military style green bracelet with red stars
-10 of those funny blue bracelets
-a blue bracelet thinger.

payment details: paypal (I accept credit cards but please let me know if you will pay this way) and well concealed cash (but it will take a while to get to me, because I live in Singapore... and that's why I prefer paypal :3)
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