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Buy my stuff! Now with pictures!

I have some stuff I'd like to sell.
Particularly, doujinshi and comics.
Email or leave messages, please. My email is gany DOT black AT gmail DOT com.
Ask me for pictures, and I'll see what I can do.

The ( ) denotes translation, wherein I don't know the actual Japanese reading.

Note: Everything here is Japanese, in Japanese, not in English.
If you don't live nearby enough to pick it up, I can ship it to you for the actual cost.

EDIT: Pictures! Go here for pictures!

Section I. Doujinshi.

All in like new condition.
1. Kenshin X Saitou Anthology type with story.
On the back it says, "Produced by (Angel Land) / Heaven's Library & Co, 1998 / SIDE TK SPECIAL SUMMER EXHIBITION.
$25 (no plastic)

2. Weiss Kruez. Has a WeiB story, and a Schwartz story.
$10 (in plastic)

Kenshin X Sano. "122 pages, some text"
$15 (in plastic)

4. Sano X Kenshin. 1995 / AUTUMN ON SALL "42 pages"
$10 (in plastic)

5. Kaworu X Shinji (Evangelion) 54 pages, says "some text" but as I recall, more text than story.
$8 (in plastic)

6. Adorable KenKenPa "Migu 21 Subesharu" Sano X Kenshin (Kenshin wears an apron) PUBLICATION 1995 MAY 3 BOOK NO. 58TH
$10 (in plastic)

Section II. Comics.
(0. Name, Author, Book Number, Publisher. Condition.)
1. Nadesico Club, by Miku Sakamoto, Book 1, Hanatoyume Comics. Almost new.
2. Chobits, by CLAMP, Books 3 and 4. Like new, but the stickers (with the costs) from the places I got them won't come off.
3. Hana Zakari no Kimitachi E, by Hisaya Nakajo (?), Hanatoyume Comics, Books 2 and 3. Almost new.
4. Gravitation, by Maki Murakami, Books 1-4, Birz Comics GIRL's Collection. Like new, but again, some of the stickers from the places I bought them won't come off.
5. World's End Fairytale, by Maki Hakoda, Book 2, Gangan Wing Comics. Like new.
6. Living Game (Ribingu Geemu), by Mochiru Hoshisato, Book 10, Big Comic Spirits. Good condition.
7. Fushigi Yuugi, by Yuu Watase, Book 1, Flower Comics. Almost new.

Please let me know. I need more money, and I need to get rid of all my stuff that I don't use anymore. I'm tired of being a packrat, but I'm too cheap to give stuff away. -____-
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