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30 July 2005 @ 06:29 pm
Zeda's fabulous SHOP!  
Hello all my fellow here at the Garage Sale Japan community! I wanted to drop a line and advertize for my BLK Kitti Shop, as I've just uploaded a whole slew of new anime and manga items for sale, including doujinshi and both English AND Japanese-language manga and DVDs!

Here are the series that I have items for sale from:
+ Card Captor Sakura
+ Dragon Knights
+ Eat Man
+ Evangelion
+ Final Fantasy
+ Flame of Rekka
+ Fruits Basket
+ GTO [Great Teacher Onizuka]
+ Guilty gear
+ Hikaru no Go
+ Inu Yasha
+ Kaikan Phrase
+ New Vampire Miyu [part of Vampire Princess Miyu]
+ Miyuki-chan in Wonderland
+ Outlaw Star
+ Rurouni Kenshin
+ Sailor Moon
+ Slayers
+ Steam Detectives
+ Thanatos
+ Tokyo Babylon
+ Yami no Matsuei
+ Yugioh
+ Zeus

So, if you're interested, please stop by and give a look to my shop~!

BLK Kitti : Shop Section