girl (blueicing) wrote in garagesalejapan,

japanese text manga & more

vampire yui and vampire princess miyu horror comics specials; japanese text; both leafed through once or twice; like new (these are both gorgeous, full-sized graphic novels with colour illustration inserts at the beginning of each)

both also in japanese text

chobits clear plastic poster (auction description and photo here; closed with 0 bids, so it's still available)

.hack playing cards; in mint condition-- FULL DECK including jokers; plastic case has some minor scratches. each card face features a different image from the .hack// series (including sign, dusk, and luminality). card back is shown.

also available (will provide photos if interested):
+ 2 sheets of card captor sakura NIP
+ 1 sheet of digimon stickers NIP
+ hong kong snow fairy sugar dvd boxed set (am i allowed to even sell this?)
+ speed racer mini metal lunchbox

make offers
paypal preferred
will also accept money orders and well concealed cash (AYOR)
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