Shelly (yoshinya) wrote in garagesalejapan,

J-rock Music Mags for SALE

Hey everyone!

I have two magazines I'm looking to sell/clear out of inventory. I'm asking $12.99 w/ $2.50 for shipping and handling.

Pics of the mags.

Shoxx Nov 2002
Penicillin on the cover-20 page special w/ poster
others: PLC, Rice, Kagrra, Syndrome, Ribbon, El Dorado, D'espairs Ray, Shulla etc.

*I will throw in for free the Ichiban mag. also featuring Penicillin on the cover w/ purchase of this one*

Foolsmate May 2004
Dir en Grey on the cover-12 page special
others: Pierrot, Janne Da Arc, Baroque, J, Kagrra, Kagerou, Miyavi etc.

As always all interested parties e-mail
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