space cowgirl (chibi_death) wrote in garagesalejapan,
space cowgirl

I'm baaaaaack! ^___^ This time with lots more stuff. As before, I'd like to sell my things in sets...that way I don't get stuck with one or the other... But it's okay if you just need one. I'm very open to taking offers (though I think all this stuff is WICKED CHEAP XD), because I'm trying to save up to buy a Nintendo DS so I can play Nintendogs. T___T (You don't know how much my soul burns for computer puppies.)

So, this time around I have...!

Sailormoon prism stickers: $4 each or all for $10

Sailormoon sticker set 1 (missing one small sticker): $1.75

Sailormoon sticker set 2: $2

Sailormoon patches: $5 each, or both for $8

Othello manga vol 1-3 (this used to be my favorite series T__T): $4 each or all for $10 SOLD! ^__^

Faeries' Landing vol 1-2: $4 each or both for $6

Boogiepop Phantom DVD 1 (R1): $7

.hack: Legend of the Twilight manga 1: $3

The novel Howl's Moving Castle, by Diana Wynne Jones, now an awesome movie by Hayao Miyazaki (get to know the real story! XD I just bought this copy myself, from Read once, in brand new condition): $4

RG Veda (This one is a bit tricky. I have both the English and the Japanese version of volume 1. I think it'd be cool for someone who's learning Japanese, so they'd have a reference. In any case, it's by CLAMP, and the art is beautiful *-*): $4 each or both for $6 SOLD ^___^

AI Love You manga 1 (by the creator of Love Hina. I've tried to sell this before, and I really don't want it...please just take it X___X): $2 SOLD! ^___^

First edition Magic Knight Rayearth manga vol 1: $4

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